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Celestial's Eyebrow Piercing

n Soapbox * I would like to preface this experience by saying that piercings are not something to be copied. Yes, I know, anyone who gets a piercing is inevitably copying the originator of that particular piercing. What I mean, however, is going out and getting a piercing because, say, the lead singer of Korn (yuck!) has one. This may seem silly, but it bugs me to no end that some people feel the need to emulate those in the public eye, in order to be hip or trendy. In other words... be pierced because it is something that you want, instead of being pierced because someone else made you want it. End Soapbox I know, I apologize for the tangent, but it needed to be said. My festish for being impaled by bright shiny objects brought me to an eyebrow piercing. I loved the way it looked, and after a short time of consideration, went off to do it. It was a hot June day, here in Texas, and so I headed for the nearest fast-food joint to eat before the piercing. Needless to say, I managed to eat only a couple of cheese nachos, because of that lovely feeling of anticipation before one gets a new piercing.
It was early in the afternoon, and the shop was empty, with the exception of a few girls getting tattoos and navel piercings. I filled out the necessary paperwork, and without further delay went to the backroom where piercings are done, with my better half in tow. Elaina and I talked about jewelry debating between a 14 gauge and a 16 gauge. Seeing as I have smaller facial features, and the fact that this piercing was to serve me aesthetically, I went for the 16 gauge. Elaina marked three possible areas with a toothpick and some white colored ink, and I was pleased with the middle marking, as was my better half. Full of anticipation, I lay back on the doctor-style table, and waited for the clamps. The clamps were applied and I didn't even feel them. Next thing I know, the jewelry is inserted, and I barely even feel it. Wow. There was no pain. I did bleed a bit, but Elaina took care of that with some pressure and some Q-tips. After a few minutes, I sat up and felt great. Off I went after having paid a small amount and leaving a $5 tip, in search of some more Provon, as the shop I went to was delayed in its shipment. One of their sister shops was about 10 minutes away, so I dashed in there, bought some Provon, and went home. Later in the day I has some slight bruising around the piercing, which I had expected, per Elaina's aftercare tips. It was a bit tender at first, but all soreness was gone after a day or so. Other than that, the piercing was easy to clean, and seemed pretty much healed within a month, and looked awesome. Tips for those considering an eyebrow piercing: · Eat before you are pierced. Your blood sugar level will make a huge difference in how you feel afterwards. Nobody likes to be sick. · Do use PROVON on your piercing every day, cleaning it thoroughly and being sure to rinse the soap completely from the piercing. · Expect clearish "goo." Crusties are good too. If the piercing is red, hot to the touch, oozing green stuff, or looks odd, you probably have an infection. Call your piercer, or if you can't do that, visit your local physician. · DON'T do it because "so-and-so-had-one," or because it has now become popular, or for any other stupid reason. BE YOUR OWN PERSON. · Your diet will help speed the healing time. I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian, and eat a diet high in vitamins, and I seem to heal pretty quickly. · If you can't get it done, because you're 12 and no one in town will pierce you, just wait a while. There are some good reasons behind that, namely the fact that you are still growing and developing and it will be in your best interests to wait a while (maybe a couple of years) and have it done then. DO NOT PIERCE YOURSELF. · My suggestions are not gospel. Everyone's experiences will vary! · Enjoy your new addition, safe in the knowledge that piercing is truly addictive. :) -Celestial

Afterward: Three months later, I have removed my eyebrow piercing due to migration. I felt that leaving it in until it fully migrated would not solve problems, and would only cause more scar tissue than necessary. Eyebrow piercings are notorious for migration, but don't be discouraged. Mine personally, I think was placed at more of an angle than necessary, although it was deep enough at first. I may re-pierce it at a later point, or just move on to another tasty piercing. Good luck, and be sure to check out the healing section for tips.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Elaina
Studio: Fine+Line+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Garland%2C+TX

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