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Washington Wuss gets pierced!!!

all started out when this fairy tale princess wanted more than anything in the world to get her nose pierced! But noooo. Mother dearest wouldnt allow that. So, 2 weeks before her 16th birthday (August 4th) She decided that her begging her mother for a nose ring was getting her nowhere. So she thought to herself Hmmm. what else could i get pierced that would look good, not hurt, and would still get peoples attention? "Tongue ring"? @shley asked her mother. Hahahaha cackled mother. "Belly Button ring"? @shley tried again. Hahahaha cackled mother again. "Ummm, Eyebrow"??? @shley asked without really expecting a good reply. "I dont know, I will have to think about it" mother replied thoughtfully. So, the day of her birthday rolls around, and she had a HUGE party. With all of her closest friends, and about 40 others. After the gathering is over, (and everyone is done playing Nintendo64) @shley decides to spend the night at her Best friend, Heathers house. Now before this date, @shley had brought up the possobility of getting her eyebrow pierced with a couple of friends, but she didnt know if it was really going to happen, so she kind of kept it to herself. So, @shley gets a good nights rest at her best friend, Heathers house (NOT!!) and in the early morning (10:00 AM) is awoken to the sound of the telephone ringing right by her ear. Guess who it is.... "@shley, the car is leaving in exactly 1 hour" said her mother. "Well mother, where is the car going?" @shley questioned, with hope in her voice. "If you want to go, I guess I will let you get your eyebrow pierced. If you REALLY REALLY feel like this is something you need to do!"" "Oh yes mommy, your the best!" @shley replied excitedly. "Ok, Im leaving in 1 hour" @shleys mother replied. "Heather, Heather, wake up, wake up!!!!!!!!" @shley was practically screaming!


@shley arrives with her best friend adn mother at the first piercing shop, "Rising Sun Tattoo and Body Piercing Salon". To her dissapointment there was a sign hanging in the window saying be back at 4. No way could i wait that long. I was too excited. So, we head to another shop we have heard of, and seen numbeous amounts of time, only to find out that they no longer do piercing. But, they do tell us the wherabouts of the piercer that used to work there. So, @shley, her mother, and Heather all head to downtown Vancouver, to hopefully get @shley pierced! They arrive at Eternal Art Tattooing salon adn walk in. A man sitting at the counter immediatly welcomes us, adn All @shley could think of was, "OMYGOD what am i doing here?!?!?!" He then asks them if he could help them with anything. @shley seizes the moment, and asks the commonly asked question: "Do you do EARbrow piercings?" Thats when my best friend heather chips in, "uh, I think she means EYEbrow piercings." The man tells us yes, adn asks if were interested. Of course I say "I dont know, now!" Dean, the piercer goes over the process, and expains in detail everything that happens, how much it hurts, (only cause i asked him about 1,095 times if it hurt terribly bad!) He also said what would be expected of me as the "piercee", making sure I clean it Twice a day, and dont let people suck on it! So, @shley signs the agreement, and is told to eat a DUMDUM sucker because sugar helps the body accept the piercing better. So, she eats it, and is told to lay down on the table. i was so nervous right then I thought i was going to throw up. Luckily Heather was there for me! Dean went to wash his hands, and came back moments later. He once again explained everything that would happen. Also told me again and again that the worst parts were the clamps, adn the anticipation! So, BlahBlahBlah again, I get pierced. I was sooooooooooooo relieved when it was all over again. I was WAY to scared for it to hurt. I kept expecting to fell way sharp pains in my eye, but they never came! So, i was told once again how to clean it, and to NOT touch it unless i was cleaning it. So, we paid him the 39 dollars, thanked him profuselly, then left. Once we arrived at High School Pharmacy to purchase the proper cleaning supplies, I couldnt STOP playing with it, adn it started bleeding which sucked, cause then all these people looked at me like 'ok, shes already a wierdo for getting her eyebrow pierced, and she's even wierder, cause its bleeding!' So, a month later, school started, and i saw ALL of my friends again, well the ones that didnt know about it, didnt know what to say. I was like, ya, i got my eyebrow pierced! hehe. But thats about it, my story on uh, princess @shley. woops, i kinda forgot that it was a fairy tale story! sorry about that if you were really looking forward to a fairy tale story. But i can end it like one- And she lived happily ever after, with her eyebrow ring which she can put a different bead on it in 1 month, adn 4 days! yeah! yeah! [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Dean+-something-
Studio: Eternal+Art
Location: Main+and+McGloughlin+Streets%2C+Vancouver%2C+Washington

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