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Didn't that hurt?

ays wanted to be different then the rest. I needed a way, and I had always wanted a piercing. But, I am a huge wuss when it comes to pain, so I wasn't sure what to do. Getting my ears pierced was no big deal, but anywhere else? I didn't know if I could handle it. Originally, I wanted my bellybutton pierced, but all of a sudden, it became the trendy thing to do, so I decided not to, because I was never really the trendy type. Almost half of the girls in the sophomore class (I'm 15) have it done, and most did it just to be like the rest. I saw people with their eyebrows pierced before, but I never really thought about how it would look on me. And I'm still not sure what made me decided to do it. Maybe because this girl in my school has it done, and she talked about it all the time, and bragged how it didn't hurt, blah blah. None the less, it did look really cool on her. I thought that I would look really good with one, something to help me stand out a little more, because I HATE blending in. I had already decided on my piercing, but I hadn't even run the idea by my parents yet. I went to my mom first, because, well, basically I'm a spolied brat and she lets me do whatever I want. She agreed, but made sure I knew she wasn't too crazy about it, and that my dad would have to say yes. I was so scared to say anything, because he is SO strict. Finally, I got the nerve to just say to him, "Dad, I know you won't want me to, but I'm getting my eyebrow pierced." He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, "I don't care, but you know that you'll look like a slut." Well, that was a new one, since I couldn't quite figure out what was slutty about it. Geez, he's an idiot. Anyways, I was so excited the next day when I went to school and told people all about me getting it done. It was a Friday, and I made sure everyone knew that by Monday, I'd have a ring in my eye. After school, I was so excited. I had my mom drive me to the only piercing place in town. We saw the "NO CHILDREN" sign in the window, but I ignored it. We went in and sat down, and I picked up a piercing magazine and leafed through it. By then, I was shaking with nervousness. Someone told me it hurt like hell and blood squirted up out of your eyebrow, and I didn't know what I'd do if that happened. Finally, a guy with alot of tatoos came over and asked how he could help up. I told him I wanted my eyebrow pierced, and he said, "Oh no, you're too young. You have to be 18." I looked at my mom hopelessly and she shrugged. I HAD to have it done, I wouldnt be this brave ever again (or so I thought), and the people in school would think I was just a liar. So, I thought fast and dragged my mom out of the studio. I remembered where Ryan said she got hers done, which was the mall at a piercing stand. I know all of you are gasping, because that is supposed to be so unsafe, but I just wanted it done so bad. So I told my mom if she didn't bring me to the mall I'd do it with a safety pin (which I actually would never do), so we went. As soon as I sat down in the chair, I started to make an idiot of myself. I said, "Has anyone ever peed their pants when they got it done? How bad will it hurt? I hope I don't pass out." I was a little uncomfortable since the girl piercing it looked only about 18 and didn't seem to know what she was doing, really. I made my mother come and stand next to me so I could hold her hand. I expected that the girl would put dots on my eyebrow, but she just held the gun over it and asked me in the mirror, "Here?" I just nodded, I was so scared. She counted to three and pushed the trigger. The stud went into my eyebrow, and I was so shocked! I couldn't even feel it! Getting my ears pierced has hurt more. We thanked the girl and went home, saying we'd be back in three days to get a ring in. For the whole weekend, I looked like a complete idiot, with an ear stud in my eyebrow. It actually looked really disgusting, becuase it didn't bleed at all, since I guess the blood had nowhere to go, since the stud just sealed the hole up. Now that I think about it, getting my eyebrow pierced like this was really unsafe. Even the guy at the piercing studio told us that. We went back in three days and I got changed into a ring. I loved it, and I thought it looked really good. Alot of poeple were shocked that I actually did it, and they told me the ring was too big for my face, and other bullshit. But hey, I liked it. After a few months, though, the ring started annoying the hell out of me. It caught on my hair, and smooshed into my face when I laid on that side. So, I went back with my boyfriend, and got a barbell. Switching from the 18 gauge ring to the 14 gauge barbell was the only part that actually hurt out of the whole thing. The girl who put it in was such a ditz. She tried and tried, but it wouldnt go through the top, and blood trickled down my face. "Who pierced this?" she asked. I told her, "You did," which totally shut her up. Now I have my barbell, and it is so adorbale, and I don't plan on taking it out anytime soon. I still enjoy the reaction when I meet new people, and they go, "Wow, that's so cool! I wanted mine pierced too, but I'm too afraid." Something that annoys me though, are the stupid people that ask over and over, "Didn't that hurt?" (those stupid people include my friends parents). Also the people who always say, "Oh I'm getting mine done over the summer" or "I am gonna get my tongue pierced soon." cuz they are such bullshitters, and you know they won't. I guess this is long enough, huh? I have had this piercing for about a year, and I hear things about it growing out or something. If anyone knows anything about that and wants to tell me, feel free to email me. Or if you have any questins, hey do that too. PS- I am one of the only 3 people in my whole high school with this done, so eyebrow piercings really distinguish you from others. Like, if someone says, "Do you know Jenn?"
"Who?" "The girl with a barbell in her eyebrow." "Oh, her. Yep, she's cool."


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Some+bimbo+who+didn%27t+know+what+she+was+doing
Studio: Sterling+Accents
Location: Connecticut

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