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I did it! Eyebrow with a safety pin!

ients (Or what I used to do my eyebrow) 1 Large safety pin (as close to 18ga as possible) 1 small cork 1 glass of Listerine 1 ice cube 1 traumatised best friend 1 18gauge 3/8inch Niobium CBR Procedure: (Ow! Ow! Ice is cold!!!!) Sterilise everything in listerine Hold Ice to eyebrow for approximately 10 minutes (this hurts!!!) mark the enter and exit wounds cork the exit wound push the safety pin through slide it down, remove the cork, and close it! Well, I've been reading around about general piercings for a couple years now, and being 17, it's almost impossible for me to do anything I like due to my parents. I've been trying for a year and a half to get my tongue done, and well, I guess it has to wait till I'm 18. :( But in my midst I wanted a piercing, almost a need. My friend Adam said he wanted to do his eyebrow with a safety pin, but he was too scared to do it himself, so I said Hey, I'll do mine if you do yours. So we decided to do it after discussing it for awhile, we planned to do it to each other the next day after school got out. So the day was planned, we went to the local piercing shop (Millinium Gallery of Living Arts) and picked out some cool CBRs (18ga 3/8in. Nio)for $10 each and decided to do it. We went home, and I decided to go first. I layed out what we needed, cleaned out the bathroom, and got some Listerine ready. We put the safety pins in the listerine for about a half hour, and at that time I got an ice cube out of the freezer and started holding it to my eyebrow. Word to the wise - that ice cube HURT. I felt more pain in numbing my eyebrow than anything at all during this experience. I endured that for about 10 minutes and finally decided it was numb, so I got Adam ready. He was the one that would put the hole in me. If you do this, get a really good friend, Adam is my best friend, and he started freaking out, he said if I'd have screamed, he would have fainted. We took a Crayola thin marker and marked dots where we were going to pierce it, then got a cork and held it underneath the exit spot, and Adam proceeded to pierce me. The only thing I really felt was the needle poking me at first, and it was nothing after that. Then he said "It's in the cork", so I slid it down some, took of the cork, and closed the safety pin. Later that evening I tried to put in the CBR, but I just ended up having to pierce it again, and it bled alot, so I guess I'll leave the saftey pin in until it heals somewhat. But I'm now what my dad calls "The worlds worst fisherman", so it's cool. It's the morning after, it hasn't swelled much, it doesn't hurt unless I hit something with the safety pin, and I can't wait to get the CBR in! Adam chickened out, he didn't want his dad to kill him, so we pierced his earlobe. He's now the proud owner of a safety pin earring. A quick Q+A tp sum up people questions: Q: Will this hurt? A: Depends on where you do it, and if you do it right. Numbing it with an ice cube beforehand hurt more than anything, it's like a brainfreeze on steroids. If you want to know what it feels like, just hold an ice cube to your eyebrow for ten minutes. The piercing itself didn't hurt, it hurt less than a shot, and afterwards it hurts a little if you move the jewellry around. Q: What dangers are there going with this piercing? A: Well I did reserach, and there are three "SupraOrbital" nerves you need to worry about that can make you go blind or lose control of one side of your face. These are deeper in the skin, so if you don't pierce deep, you shouldn't need to worry. Also, you'll need to help it heal, infections in the eyebrow can lead to a cyst really quick. Make sure to keep it clean and don't play with it! Q: Why didn't you just go to a piercing shop to get it done? A: A: no money. B: I'm 17. C: conservative parents. Any questions? Q: Are you crazy?!? A: Yes. Q: How did your friend feel after piercing you? A: He said it was the most traumatising experience of his life and he is going to have nightmares of safety pins killing people and me screaming for the rest of his life. After he calmed down and the adrenaline went down, he thought it was cool. :) Q: How did you feel after getting pierced? A: Well I was fine before, I was a little shakey during, and after it was the "what have I done" thing, and now I think it's pretty cool and I want to get the CBR in instead of this huge safety pin. I hope this is helpful to the people out there that want to do it themselves, and I suggest if you do, a LOT of research and be VERY careful! If you have any questions give me an email! I enjoy talking to you all!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+did+it+myself
Studio: My+bathroom
Location: Fort+Collins%2C+CO

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