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The Good, The Bad, And... ?

ere. Before I begin my 'story', I'd just like to say I'm doing this out of boredom, rather than some delusion that I'd be helping someone decide on a piercing, or for a BME Membership. So, with that, I being my tale. I was in grade ten at the time, and I'd been in the 'freak crowd' at school for some time. So, I decided I wanted to get a piercing. I already had both of my ears pierced (which I've yet to get stretched), but I discovered that I wanted something more. So, I expressed this 'sudden' interest to my parents, and with much cajoling, and coaxing, they finally granted me permission to get my navel pierced. (note: before this cajoling and coaxing, I'd attempted piercing it twice by myself, which, to all you bodymod newbies, isn't a good idea. Doing it by yourself is usually stupid for many reasons, a few being that you lack the proper sterility, tools, and knowledge of the anatomy, which, in my opinion, is crucial to piercing.) After this, I managed to scrape together the money required, and proceeded to check out my phonebook for piercing establishments in my city. There was two. Krystal Blade, and Epidart. So, I called Krystal Blade to make an appointment with Kevin (Scorpion), the owner, who at that time, was the only 'official' piercer. Unfortunately, he was out of town, visiting another one of his shops. So, I said 'Fuck it; I'll call the other place.' And bingo, my appointment was made. I drove down to Epidart with my mother, filled out the sheet of paper they supplied me with, and then I was sitting in... [ominous music] THE CHAIR. (hehe) Engaged in the most trivial of conversations with the piercer, she prepared the piercing; marked it, made sure it was ok with me, (which it was, because I had no real knowledge of it at the time), slapped on some iodine (or whatever that yellowish-brown shit is), and put the clamp on (which, contrary to popular belief, doesn't hurt at all). She then took the 14ga. needle in hand, and proceeded to plunge it into my waiting, clamped flesh. (which, I might add, felt like a motherfucking corkscrew for approximately three to four seconds) The clamp was removed ever so carefully, and she then pushed the needle through with the CBR (Captive Bead Ring), opened it slightly, insertedthe bead, and closed it. That was it. I was off. Well, to make a long story short, I got infected. Perhaps I didn't follow the after-care instructions properly, or perhaps it was the piercer. I visited Krystal Blade a few times, to see what they thought; they said she'd pierced it a fraction too high, and that it was infected. (obviously) So, I ended up taking the jewellry out, and swearing off any future bodypiercing endeavors for life. Now you're probably saying either of these two things: 1) Will he EVER shut up? or 2) Oh fuck. I'm never getting a piercing! Well, don't despair. I'm almost through. It's two years later, now. I've just recently moved to another city. To make ANOTHER long story short, I decided to try the piercing thing again. So, my first week in this city, I sought out the nearest piercing shop, and made an appointment for my eyebrow. The setup was basically the same: mark, mirror, 'ok', iodine shit, clamp. However, THIS piercer (Roger), at Blackstar, uses an anesthetic. No, it's not a needle. It's a spray. (Or, as Roger says: 'Why put a needle in someone to prepare them for another needle?') And it works VERY well. So, he sprayed this stuff on the selected area, and I was like "Great!". Then he said "Some of this might run across your eyelid; if it does, do NOT squinch, or the needle could go through your eye." By then I was saying (to myself) "Oh, fanTASTIC! I'm getting the FUCK outta here!" But, I didn't go anywhere, and needle went through; perfectly fine, I might add. I've had my CBR in for six months, and it's completely healed. If I had any infection, it was for, at the most, a day or two. Nothing more. (as another note, I made sure that this time I followed the after-care instructions properly, and dilligently.) As an aftermath, I'm planning on getting my nipples done, my 'lobes stretched, and many other glorious piercings. (hehe) So, I guess the moral of this story is: Research your desired piercing before getting it done (at BME, preferably.. heh.); don't try doing it yourself, it'll only end up fucked 90% of the time; check out the place it's being done; and, if you do end up having a bad experience, don't fret, because it's just that: a bad -experience-.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Roger+Monahan
Studio: Blackstar
Location: Kingston%2C+Ontario

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