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no, it didn't freakin hurt, now stop asking me

t know when i decided i wanted my eyebrow pierced. Ever since i first saw it on some chick in the mall. There's just something about getting metal put through one's face that intrigues me. Ever since i got it done, i've wanted more. I'm a really big non-conformist and this seems like the way to express that. "if god wanted us to have metal in our faces,we would have been born that way". thats why i got it done. it goes against family values and organized religion. you don't see it on everyone everyday. I'm not gonna stop with the eyebrow. There's so many other places to put the metal. through the tongue, through the tongue web, through the little thingy that attaches your upper lip to your gums, the labret, the septum, nostrils, bridge, and various sexual places that i wont mention. I like it because it isnt expected or accepted. it makes old people look twice and cringe. "why did you do that, you're such a pretty girl?" yeah, right. i'm really not. anyway enough about my inadequacies. this diversifies my look. it forces me and others to actually look at me and gives me some confidence. if you think itll help you feel better about yourself, then get it. if you dont like it, then ............you can take it out. did you think i was gonna say go to hell? hahahaha. ok, anyway theres no reason why you shouldnt get it done. if your parents say no, stick with their decision. the less you resist, the sooner you can get it done. It didn't take much whining to get my mom to let me get it done. She took me and a friend (for moral support) on a friday afternoon. This was about 2 weeks before my sophmore year of high school was gonna start. I called ahead and asked them if they did minors and she said as long as I had a parent with me, which i conveniently did. We got there at about 3 in the afternoon and there was nobody there but us. Good atmosphere, very, very, clean. They only do body peircing, no tattoos. My mom filled out the waivers and the medical stuff, and the peircer took me upstairs and my friend and mom followed me. He told me to lie back on the table and he put iodine or someting on my eyebrow. He took out all the tools and stuff from the sterile packaging and laid it out on the counter. He told me to take a deep breath and blow it out when he told me. He postitioned the needle where it was gonna go and pinched my eyebrow so he could get a good hold on it. then he told me to take the previously described breath. he then pushed the needle through. Didn't hurt at all. didn't bleed at all. My friend freaked out and I just started laughing. He put the ring through and the ball on and it was done. We went downstairs, my mom paid and my friend and i went to the cd store across the street. it was about 35 bucks and my mom paid for it. she's cool. When i got home, that night (i went skating with some friends) i couldnt stop playing with it. this isnt too good for it though. right now, the healing is going good. its a little crusty and its fun to play with it in class and freak people out and tell them . its really hard to pluck my eyebrows around it. i just have to shove the tweezers in between the ring and the hairs. its nothin too painful though. the only problem i had with it was when i was playing with it the day i got it done, the ball fell off the ring. i had some people standing around with me help me screw it back on there. no big deal. just a little scare. I constanly get asked by people, "o did that hurt?" and i just say no and start pulling on it and playing with it and this makes them all squeamish. its cool. some people were really shocked, like my grandma. she got mad and threatened to disown me. but thats crap, if she get mad at me for that, then i dont wanna be her granddaughter. but i dont wanna get you all depressed with my problems. some kids are like, "ew, thats disgusting". but its not. its interesting and unusual. and its only my eyebrow. wait till i get my tongue done. then i can really freak people out. So far in gym class, ive been told to take it out everyday. but i'm not gonna. i wont hold the school responsible if it gets torn out. i'll only blame myself. Now i wanna get more done. Perhaps my other eyebrow, labret, tongue, tongue web, scrumper, and other assorted metal. i'm addicted now, and i'm not planing on stopping any time soon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Martin
Studio: Primal+Urge
Location: New+Hope%2C+PA

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