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My eyebrow Obsession

where should I start. I'm 17 years old and from CT (which sucks because you have to be 18 to get a piercing, unless you have permission from a parent). I have an ongoing obsession with eyebrows...mine are virtually perfect and it drives me nuts even if one hair is out of place. So I decided to make them look fancy and get a silver ring in one of them. The only problem was convincing my mother to sign for me. My mom is very cool for her age but she is perplexed by the whole piercing thing. She doesn't understand what the purpose of it is. Now I somehow managed to get her to sign for my tattoo several months ago and to my surprise the eyebrow thing was much easier. I just threatened her that I would pierce my tongue (which literally sent her into a rage of insanity because she is so against tongue piercings). I was totally nervous ahead of time because my best friend had her eyebrow pierced and it grew this big bump underneath and got a real crappy infection. She kept warning me not to get it done but I was so insistent on it that nothing was going to stop me. I had really researched it on BME before and read all the experiences of other people. I was kind of concerned about the pain. Since I'm such a big baby and all I thought it was going to hurt a hell of a lot. So the big day finally came and we went to The Edge in New Haven. My friend recently got her navel pierced there and it looked like a very clean and reputable place. Right away my mom freaked when we walked in there because of the people...the loud music...and the whole "goth" look. The guy scared her even more though when he said he's only done an eyebrow piercing once before and he learned how to do it on a Sally Struthers piercing for dummies home video. (My mom looked like she was going to barf). But after she seriously talked to the guy...signed some papers...and he explained the whole procedure to her she seemed cool with it. I wanted her to come in with me so the guy led us into a back room which ironically looked and smelled like a hospital operating room. I hopped up on the table and the piercer told me to relax. I guess I had that whole nervous look on my face. I was laughing the whole time when I saw my mom staring at the wall in horror at a picture of a lady with her legs spread and her clit pierced. Just the thought of my mother looking at something like that and wondering what she was thinking sent me into a fit of laughter. He showed me a small silver ring and then let it soak in some sort of solution while he opened up new packages and laid the tools out in front of me. He marked my eyebrow with a purple marker and asked me if that was cool where he put the dots. I said ok and he cleaned me off with some sort of orangey yellow stuff. I grabbed my mom's hand and she looked away. I felt the needle under my eyebrow and he told me to take a deep breath in. I felt a little pinch and them some pressure and he told me to slowly let out my breath. The next thing I knew the ring was in and he was putting the ball on. I felt virtually no pain at all. I paid my 54$...thanked the guy and left. The next few days it pussed, was a little tender and stuff which was normal and the holes were red and crusty which is part of the healing process the guy said. A few tips...clean it real well and don't touch it or play with it constantly (it will only make it feel worse). Anti-bacterial Dial soap works well for cleaning, and so does a little bit of Bactine on the holes at night to prevent infection. I also did something real stupid after I got it done. I was with a guy messing around and my ring got caught on something and was yanked on real hard. Well besides hurting like a bitch it ripped the holes which caused some serious bleeding and hurting. So be extremely careful with stuff like that. I'm still a little nervous cause I've heard stories of your body rejecting the ring and it starts to grow out which I hope doesn't happen cause I aboslutely love it so much. I suggest getting it done since the whole experience is so cool...especially if you're an eyebrow freak like myself!!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: whoops...I+forgot+his+name
Studio: The+Edge
Location: New+Haven%2C+Connecticut

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