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eyebrow ring for a day

I had pierced my ears myself a couple of years ago and it wasn't too bad at all, and I decided it would be cool to give myself a lip ring for my sixteenth birthday. I figured I could save money by doing it myself, which was NOT a good idea, so I got all ready and sterilized the needle (as best I could) and tried to just poke it through my bottom lip. I was going to call a couple of my friends to help me because they said they wanted to, but it was about 1:00 a.m. when I finally got around to doing it, so I just tried to do it alone. It didn't work to just push it through, though. I pushed the needle as hard as I could, but it didn't do anything. It didn't even break the skin! I must have really tough lips, or something. So, I decided to pierce my eyebrow instead because I really just wanted to pierce something. This time I got a saftey pin because it was more thick and sturdy than a needle and the ring I was using was really thin. It was probably dirty too even though I tried to sterilize it the way my friend, who had done it by himself several times before, told me to, (he told me to put the safety pin in alcohol, put it in boiling water, and put alcohol over the spot I was going to pierce) and just stuck it straight down from the top of my eyebrow. It went through pretty easily but it hurt. I could feel it going through the layers of my face and that creeped me out. And, I was scared I'd hit a nerve or something and paralyze my face or get blood poisoning, if I didn't just screw it up and have it crooked or too deep or too thin so it could get ripped out. Then, I had to take the safety pin out and put the ring in. That was NOT cool. It took forever to get the ring through the same path under my skin as the pin, then I couldn't get the ring through the bottom opening. The whole thing took over an hour, and it hurt so much. Some of the people who have sent in eyebrow piercing experiences say it didn't hurt much at all, but it hurt me so bad, especially when I had to put the ring in. Finally I got it, and I was pretty happy with it, except I thought I had done something wrong. It looked cool, though. I was pretty happy with my new body piercing. Then I decided to go to bed. I was a little nervous about sleeping with it in, because I was scared it could rip out or come undone and close up. Luckily, the next morning it was still there when I felt for it. I went to look at it in the mirror and it looked really nasty. It got infected somehow during the night. My eyebrow had started swelling up really bad and it was bloody and it had this crusty stuff coming out of it. It was so sore, too. I put some ear piercing cleaning stuff that I had from a long time ago on it and some ice for the swelling. It cleaned up some of the stuff on there, and the swelling went down some, but it still hurt a lot. I went to school, and all my friends said it looked really cool. I got a lot of compliments on it. My history teacher was kind of giving me a hard time about it, but I didn't care. I thought it was so cool. I went home, and it started looking kind of bad again. Then my mom came home and saw it for the first time and she really didn't like it, mostly because I had done it myself without even asking her and because she said it was dangerous and infected. So, she told me to take it out so that it wouldn't get any more nasty. I'm just going to let it grow back and then try to do it again more safely. (Guess I haven't learned my lesson.) But if you are thinking about piercing your eyebrow you might want to think more about going to a professional or at least be really careful. I don't think it was really worth going through the piercing part just to wear it for one day and have it hurt so much. Now there are these red dots where the ring had entered and exited my skin, they look pretty gross. It's probably best to go to a professional, so you don't mess it up like I did.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: me
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