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for a Friday the 13th. Piercing! it was aight!

'll start by saying i'm 20/male , this is my fifth piercing the other ones r on both my ear lobes , and i was really spooked by the fact of the pinch and all that(Don't let this be a obstacle 4 u , this piercing doesn't hurt)....... I was planning this by some long time , but the fact i was working i couldn't get it done. But by august 6 i was fired out of my job because the company i worked for closed. I said to myself the time has come, this is your opportunity and college starts on august 17(my third year of college)so i wanted it before the semester started. So i was sleepless on the nights before. And i was on doubt on be pierced or not be pierced ..... So on Friday the 13th. i was going on my own , i decide it ... i was going to get it done DAMN IT! ... that was like 12 pm , i was going to get in my car and my mom ask me if i would like her to come along with me , without knowing my plans of piercing my eyebrow . So while i was drivin i told her and she took it well , but like we all know our moms r always against the piercing stuff and tattoos(i have one tattoo )..... So i walked in the store that i had walked in before(to get my tattoo done) so i was very comfortable . And my Tattoo artist works there too so i was feeling in home hehe. I talked to the Piercing specialist asking questions , he oriented me.He told me he was doing the piercing and he was going to put a ring but i loved the barbel and he toldme the ring was better because u could clean it better but i told him i loved the barbell i saw . then he recommended me a curved barbell and i said you've got a deal haha . My mom was on my side all the time , like i telled before she was kool with it u know..... So i went inside and sit in like a Doctor's chair , and he was showing me all the equipment (clamp , needle , barbell."sorry if missed something") all in original packages so i was concerned it was going aight by then . He asked me where i wanted & i said the right eyebrow cuz the singer in KoRn has it on the right side & the Undertaker too ,hehe. and this we're the first people i saw in tv to have these piercings and they looked kool!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry i changed themes , well then he clamped my eyebrow and he said when you inhale i will pass the needle through and then u r gonna exhale , i said ok and believe me this tip works! all i felt was a little pinch , the he was putting the barbell (this hurt a little but not 2 much so don't panic), he selled me a bottle of bactine i that was all , it didn't bleed , and i never was with a sore eyebrow in the first days...... when i went out of the store i went to a lot of places and my piercing was OK! i went to the mall to see some of my friends that work there and my female friends we're crazy about it and i was like " if the female reaction to these piercing is like this, then i made a right move hehe ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh!. But where i live here in Puerto Rico people look at u constantly because of the piercing . But i like that, i like to draw attention hahaha : ). So i went home to wash it, i used antibacterial soap like they told me and washed away the crusties, applied Bactine with cotton balls & Q-tips and to this day it is fine...... i'm writing this on september 5 and i feel like the piercing is 80% healed ,but no matter if i feel it is 100% healed , i'll wait the 3 months period they told me about. If i have learned something about piercing is that the best thing u could do is wait for the healing period to culminate , cuz this could be a risk for infection or something like that. If you are planing to do this go to a place where u can tell is a clean place , because if you are looking for a place where it would be cheap it could turn expensive if they damage your eyebrow , and remember no matter what i told u you'll only live once, u have to take care of yourself. If u want more counseling about first days or pain on the piercing write me at [email protected] and i'll do the best in my power to help u or in icq # 15336181.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Piercing+professional+friend
Studio: Casa+La+Raza
Location: Old+San+Juan+%2C+Puerto+Rico

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