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My eyebrow piercing experience at 13!

to start off, I've wanted my eybrow pierced for THE longest time! I would beg and beg and beg, but my Mom would never give in. Finally one day about a month ago I brought it up at the dinner table and had a big argument about it. So obviously the answer was NO in my Moms words. My Dad had no problem with it. So one day I covinced my aunt to talk her into letting me get it done...when I was 14. My Mom said OK, but when I was 14. So one day me and my Dad went to Vineland looking all over for places that would pierce a 13 year old, but no place would do it, even with your parents permission! So I got really mad. Since I had a friend whos cousin got it done recently, I asked her where it was done at and she gave me the number. I called and they were EXTREMELY nice, so thats where I was going to get it done. So at about this time I convinced my Mom to let me get it done when I'm 13, cuz then I'd have to wait a whole year again until the boardwalk opens up again. Off we were at 9:00AM....way early for me! It took until about 10:30 to get there. We got to the place, and waited awhile till it opened up, and my Dad signed the papers. The piercer picked out my jewelry, which is a 16g. silver hoop w/ a silver ball. He asked if I wanted to pick another color ball but I was so nervous that I couldn't think straight! The other guy that was there then explained the cleaning procedures to me and my dad. Then Pablo was finished sterilizing my ring, and it was time. We went back into a room that looked somewhat liek a doctors office, and smelled like one too. He told me to sit on a little bed type thingy while he got all the tools. After he was done that he drew on the little dots so he knew where to poke the hole at. He got these scissor thingys with like a triangle at the end and clamped it on my eyebrow where the spot was and said to take a deep breath and let it out, qnd before I knew it, I had a needle in my eye, and didn't feel a thing, it was sooo cewl! He told me to close my eyes while he put on the earring and the ball, and TADAH it was done, I was finally pierced! Now I clean it about 5 to 6 times a day with warm water and this stinky soap he gave to me, and it looks great no pain at all! Afetr everything was done, he was explaing the cleaning procedure to me again but then I was feeling really sick so he said well if you gotta puke theres the trash can, and he gave me a glass of water and said soda would definatly help! That gave me a little laugh. I guess I was feeling sick because I didn't eat breakfast. He also told me NEVER to touch it without washing my hands. On the way home we stopped at McDonalds and I had a hamburger and it was good. On the way home I coudln'y stop explaining about how it didn't hurt and how it looked soo nice and that I really liked it! After that I went to a party and got almost like a million questions and statements about it, but it makes me feel specail because I'm the only one with an unusual piercing out of all my friends, except for Ryan he has his tounge pierced. I fell totally comfortable with it now and its only the second day i can hit it and it doesn't bother me and when my shirt hits it, it doesn't bother me either. The owner of The Rock and Pablo said it would take at least 2monts before I could change the earring, which I i think would be hard because its wayyy different then an ear piercing! Infact Getting your ears pierced hurts more, and this didn't even hurt, just a tiny pinch, a little pop, and your done! It just that simple and quick. The longest it takes is when the piercer is steralizing the earring and getting all his/her tools ready. I really didn't have ant questions to ask because I did all my research on BME and it answered everything that I was wondering about! Thats me experience and I have to say it was pretty good, and I hope yours is too! LATERZZZ! SHORT IS THE PAIN LONG IS THE PIERCING!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Pablo
Studio: The+Rock
Location: Wildwood+NJ

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