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My lucky lip piercing experience

e is Chris Jekyl (my DJ name). I live in Cannock in the middle of the UK. I am a student at Stafford college studying Media, and I'm also a DJ and play at local underground parties. I had had my eyebrow pierced (with a ring) about a year and a half before deciding that I wanted some more silverware. I was slightly nervous, because before I got my eyebrow done I had heard from others it was non-painful, simple procedure. But this time round, I didn't know anyone with there lip pierced, so I didn't know what to expect. I got my eyebrow done in Needleworks Birmingham who are really good and professional, but this time round decided to get it done locally after hearing good reports from friends who had been to the Midland tatoo and piercing center. When I arrived there, I was supprised at the very relaxed atmosphere. There were couches put out and a TV in a nice friendly circle and tea and coffe were being offered. I thought this was perticularly good - because I can imagine many people who come for there first piercing could be put off if the atmosphere wasn't right. The lady who did my piercing was really cool (if your reading this - sorry I didn't remember your name) and explained the procedure fully. She talked to me about what I wanted doing, and totally put me at ease. So after choosing the jewlery, she applied the spray anasthetic. This was meant to be bannana flavoured (it's horrid), and is the same stuff the dentist uses. So after my mouth was numb, she clamped my lip, sterilised the instraments and jewlery, and got ready for the piercing. When the needle went through there was a slight tinge of pain, but from my experience I know now this is not a painfull procedure. She then put the bar through the back of my lip, now this is where the luck part comes about. You see, she put the bar through, then went to tighten on the spike. But we could both see it was turning and turning but not tightning up. She decided that either the spike or the bar was threaded. Now if the spike was threaded, she would just have to find another one and screw that on. But if the bar was threaded, she would have to re-pierce my lip! As luck would have it, not only did she find a spike the same, but it turned out to be the spike which was threaded! So it worked out fine in the end, and I'm really pleased. This piercing looks really cool, and I've had positive feedback from everyone who have asked me about it.
The healing process was for me very good (I think I take to piercings well, as my eyebrow healed quickly). It was quite sore for a couple of days, and you are recommended to keep pushing the piercing back a little, as the skin has a tendency to try and grow over it. But as I'm writing this it's been just over a week since I got it done now, and it's already feeling fine. I now normally need to clean it every couple of days or so with hydrochloric peroxide, which you can purchace from the chemist (this was recommended to me by the lady who pierced me), and It's now not sore at all. I'm now thinking of getting a bar next to the ring in my right eyebrow. If I get this done, I would definately go back to the same place. I've had loads of people come up to me and basically ask the same questions: 1. Did it hurt? 2. How much was it? 3. Where can I get that done? And I do feel now that piercing is becoming more widespread, it is also becoming more accepted, which is cool. Like I say, I've had nothing but positive responses to my piercing. But I also belive piercing is a personal thing, and that if you like it, then that's all that matters. But there is one thing I must say. A couple of friends of mine from college have had piercings at dodgy backstreet shops advertising profesional piercing. One went wrong and had to abandon the piercing, and one got infected straight away due to unclean jewlery/equipment. So check out your studio of choice before getting the piercing, and check any credentials they have. But if your thinking of getting pierced, don't be afraid, and don't listen to any horror stories. Because if you get pierced at a profesional studio, and are sure of your choice of piercing, the process is usualy quite painless - and you will not regret the experience! Can't wait till to get my next one!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+remember+name+-+but+she+was+cool
Studio: Midlands+tatto+%26+piercing+center
Location: Cannock+Staffordshire+UK

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