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.phenobarbidoll's. fun fun fun 15th birthday present!

ty, yes, thats right. I finally got it done. After about 2 years of begging, I got it done. I got my eyebrow pierced. WOO! CHEER! okay, anyways. To the story. Y'see, I have been wanting an eyebrow piercing for god knows how long. surely, there's other piercings I have been wanting for a while, but nonetheless, I'll take what I can get. Sooo..after much begging, and sucking up to mi mum, she finally decided, yes, surely. She was really paranoid about cleanlisness and everything, and I was too, i don't exactly think a swollen eyebrow is very attractive. I asked around, and practically everyone told me snakemans. Hm. I think that would be a good choice then, considering all that i talked to werent missing any vital body parts. And also, my aunt works at the hospital, and she goes there, so my mom figures if it passes a nurses' seal of approval, it's all good. So, off we went. I went to Snakemans, i actually got up that morning..I brought my friends Rory and Chels along too. Soo..we waltz our happy selves into snakemans. The woman at the counter doesnt look all too pierced to me, but i find out later she has a belly button ring. She hands me a form to fill out, so i can't sue them if my head falls off and stuff. My mom finally looks at me with this "i cant believe im letting you do this" look, and signs away. I pick out what i want in my eyebrow, a 14 ga silver hoop with a black niobium captive ball. Rory and Chels, at this time, are laughing their asses off at the bondage crap for sale. So then, out comes Ryan. I must admit, this delightful little pincushion luscious thing calmed my nerves substancially! but, enough about my undying lust for the piercer. He had me go back to the little room, and sit in the big comfty armchair. Chels and Rory came back too, and the room was tiny, it seemed like there must have been a million people in there. So, he gets out all his stuff, clamps and needles, out of the little bags and things...he asks me which eyebrow i want..so..i chose left (well..i knew it a while ago, but oh well) He marked the spot on my eyebrow, held up a mirror, asked me if i liked the placement, soo..i said yea. Then he took out some cleaning stuff, cleaned off my eyebrow. He pulled the clamps out of their little package, put a rubber band around the end, and clamped my eyebrow. Now, im not exactly sure..but i REALLY didnt think the clamp hurt. anyways..Now for the feature presentation! he took out the needle, a 14 ga. i closed my eyes, because i really dont think seeing a needle a cenimeter from my eye will help. he poked it thru mi brow..and..it kinda pinched i guess you could say? It really didnt hurt at all compared to other piercings. he left the needle in, and got the ring ready. He asked me if i was okay, i just kinda nodded, while my friends are standing in the corner cracking up at the needle thru my head. He realized he had the wrong size ring, so, he left for a few minutes to go find one. He dipped it in some solution and stuff, while i sat there with a needle in my brow.

He put the end of the ring to the needle, and pulled it thru, then he attached the captive ball. He gave me a mirror, asked me if it was cool, and YESSSS! i was grinnin from ear t'ear. It looked kickin. He went over all the aftercare stuff, i paid him, and i left. And, also..I really didnt think it hurt, just generally. Ear Cartelege hurts so much more, as far as soreness and stuff. mine was a little tender for about a day, but its cool. I've had it for about 3 months now, annnnd..i loveee it. It starting leaking out this stuff for a little while, which kinda freaked me out. So, i just put neosporin on the hoop and slid it thru once a day. It's stopped now, i can yank and pull at it, zero pain. I'd VERY MUCH reccomend it. It looks awesome..it completely adds something to my features. Regardless of how hard it is to pluck mi brows now.! I'll be going back to Ryan this weekend to get an industrial, start of mi kickin ear project i have planned. I'm soo frikkin excited..woo! So, you can obviously see..pheno had a gooood B-day present. Also, i just wanted to tell everyone in Frederick area..that i really reccomend [email protected] (near FSK mall). He's really funny, and cool, he'll joke with ya, but still really professional, and very good at what he does. (and he's quite a scrumptious boi toi too, might i add.)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Ryan
Studio: Snakeman%27s+Piercing+and+Tattoo
Location: Frederick%2C+MD

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