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ed to get my eyebrow pierced because I thought it looked really cool. When I asked my mom if I could get it done (I am 15) she was shocked. This is because I am what most people consider a prep and this is something that no one would expect me to do (part of why I wanted to do it) You see I have always looked the same. I am going to be a junior in this year and I wanted something different. My grandmother almost had a heart attack after I told her. Next week I am going down to see all of my cousins and aunts and family and I cant wait to shock them. I knew that before I cold get ti done I would have to learn all about it so after spending countless hours on BME and reading and rereading all the stories about eyebrow piercing I decided I was ready to get it done. I called and had an appointment made for 10:30 the next day. waiting to get it done was hell it was all I could think about I didn't get to be until 2:00 in the morning because I was so nervous (this is my first non-ear piercing and I am a big wuss) well once we got there I was out in front and I almost chickened out but I decided I wanted it and I went in. The place had a lot of candles and hemp jewelry and stuff like that. I went up to the counter and told them who I was. He called the piercer down and asked what I wanted. The piercer had a lot of piercing and tattoos. He let me pick out my earring I got a 16 gauge silver hoop with a black ball. I had wanted to get a 18 gauge because I figured the smaller the less pain but it looked too small so I went with the 16. By this time I was so nervous I was ready to pass out he brought me to this room on the side of the store and sat me on a black table he asked me what eyebrow I wanted done and I told him my right he put the dots on and asked me if it was OK and I said yes. Then he put the earring in some rubbing alcohol and put on some gloves (it was a very clean place) then he took out the needle I almost left it looked so big! Well, he put the clamp on, which hurt more then the piercing and all it felt like was a little pinch said OK i am going to put the needle thru and it was done. I DID NOT HURT AT ALL!!!! I was so shocked. I had heard that it would bleed and I might get a black eye but all I got was a little blood at each end of the holes. When I looked in the mirror though I was a little disappointed because it was not around my eye bow but on the bottom end of it. But I love it I have only had it for about 8 hours. I would like to thank BME because with out there website i would never of gotten it done Thanks:-) Once I got home I wanted to clean it to get the blood off. I was really nervous about turning it. I poured some water on it and then use some cotton to whip it and then I turned it. It felt weird but it didn't hurt at all. After I went home I wanted to go out and show of my new ring. I want down town to where my best friend was working and showed her she was shocked because she thought I was going to wimp out. I Live in a small town and not many people have facial piercing and I loved the way people would look at me like WOW. Then I went up to the mall and I was the earring that I want to get once I can change this. It is blue with a purple ball. I am also worried because I just started a new school (I start in a week) and I don't know if they allow eyebrow piercing but if they ask me to take it out I will say no. Heck I didn't pay 54.00 for nothing. I am also worried that it is going to migrate or reject it self. I jus those it doesn't. This has given me so much self confidence its weird usually I like blending in but now I want more piercings. something my mom is not too happy about. I would tell anyone who wants to get there eyebrow pierced to do it doesn't hurt and it looks awesome. If I can get it down then anyone can. The only thing is that I am worried that I am going to accidentally rip it out while I am brushing my hair or putting on make-up or while I am sleeping. Next I want to get my tongue pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Piercing+Palace
Location: New+Jersey

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