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a little conservative

never considered myself really into body mod. I liked what I saw on other people but never considered it on myself. I didn't have the interest really nor the funds. I mean I had my ear pierced when I was about 12. Kinda young for a guy. I was 18 before I got my next piecing. I was surprised to hear how young some people are when they get professional pierced. Good shops won't pierce minors for a few reasons. Of course there is the parent issue. My parents weren't exactly happy with the idea of body mod. Also cities have various ordinances and bodies grow and change all through out your teenage years. Well then this summer came. My girlfriend started a piercing apprenticeship. Neat idea. You get to meet interesting people and have fun while you work. And if you're good you can even pay your bills. She starting reading lots of books about all aspects of piercing, everything from care to anatomy and placement. Basically she hung out the shop and watched many many piercings and read a whole bunch. Well, it reached the point of needing people. She wrangled up some friends and even a stranger or two to come to the shop and get pierced for the modest price of the hardware and a 5 dollar shop fee. Still drastically less then normal. I watched and my interest grew. My girlfriend had a few piercings and I considered some myself. I had been thinking more and more about getting something pierced. But what? She needed an eyebrow so I volunteered mine. Like any good boyfriend would. I figured that she needed the experience and I could just take it out, it was free after all. So no big deal. So I decided that I wanted a barbell, but of course the shop was out at the moment. That put a small damper on things. So I thought about it and decided on a modest ring. She began setting up and I began to prepare myself mentally. At this pint I had only had an ear pierced and stretched so I didn't quite know what to expect. That's what I mean by mental preparation. I was assured that an eyebrow was nothing. You won't feel it they said. And the pain wasn't an issue for me anyway. So I laid back and waited for the placement mark. She made the mark and I checked it in the mirror. Good placement. I was happy and ready to continue. I laid back down while the piercer ready herself. The clamps went on. I closed my eyes and started my deep breathing. Before I could start thinking about what could happen I felt a small pinch in my eyebrow. The needle had gone through. I was told that the hardware was next. After a small pull the ring was in and closed. The eyebrow burned a small bit after the ring went it. Other than that I felt fine. I took a few deep breaths and opened my eyes. I looked up and saw the piercer. I looked into her eyes and had this incredible wave rushed over me. I looked into her eyes. This experience was surprisingly intimate. It brought our relationship to a new level. Very intimate. It was a bonding experience. It didn't hurt by this point. My excitement was at a peak and the endorphins were doing their job. I then stood up and got a drink of water. I felt a little lightheaded for about ten minutes. I walked around the shop and then I went and looked at the new piercing. I was surprised because it wasn't red or swollen at all. The placement was still perfect. The piercer was surprised that it didn't redden or anything. Bleeding from an eyebrow is highly uncommon so that wasn't a concern. The process was mostly painless. The actual piercing didn't hurt, it was a small pinch and as the hardware went through it burned a bit. The first night I had it I smacked a few times and that was unpleasant. It was also impossible to sleep on the right side of my body for the first few nights. I also had to be careful about combing hair and washing my face. The ring stuck out so it got smacked a few times. The actual cleaning was very easy. Of course every shop has their own little guidelines and little quirks. And the care also varies from person to person. The initial healing was supposed to be about 2 or 3 weeks. Mine went quickly. Cleaning was just using soft soap and cleaning the crustys off the hardware. Just whenever I was in the shower I rinsed the piercing and rotated the ring after washing my hands of course. Clean hands are important when caring for a new piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Brenda
Studio: Touch+Of++A+Feather
Location: San+Antonio%2C+Texas

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