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my first hole in my head

6/m and this is my story (wow that felt like i was on the real world)well i wasnt really planning on getting my eyebrow pierced but i got bored one day and i wanted to go with my brother who was gonna go to a piercing shop to get his tongue pierced but when we got there, some guy was getting his eyebrow done and it looked really cool and he was into it (plus his girl was there and she was really hot)so i was like really into it after seeing him for one or two sec. i mean it totally kicked so i told the dude who was doin the piercing and he said he'd do if for me (gave me a discount because my brother was getting his tongue done) so i hopped in the chair not thinking about it then i sorta thought "wait what if this hurts" but by that time the guy had already got everything ready and i didnt want to stop him and seem like a wusss so then he cleaned me up and put the hole in my face (thats a nice way to put it isnt it)...it didnt hurt it felt like a quick pinch and i couldnt really even tell that it was in plus the guy made me feel really comfertable he's cool his name is shawn he did my brothers tongue his girlfriends tongue and my cousins tongue...i love the piercing and i think it looks really good im always getting people that want to know if it hurts thats always the first question that they ask but its cool and also my mom thinks it looks good which is cool cuz when my brother told her he was getting his tongue done she wasnt really comfertable with it she said "i dont think it looks good when kids put holes in there faces" but now she is completly cool with it and she doesnt care what we pierce as long as its not under our chest at first i didnt think that much about piercings but now i think the piercing experience kicks and everyone who's intested should do it the healing doesnt take that much time it looks alittle funny at first but you'll get over it for the first about hour and a half i had the biggest headach ive ever had in my life but after that i was cool when your taking a bath (or if u dont take a bath) wash it out move it back and forth and clean it with some sort of liquid dial or something and also move it around and ive found that dead skin gets on it thats kool just clean it off so to sum it up dont worry about pain because it doesnt hurt and theres only a select few that bleed so dont worry and they provide you with a paper towel :) so dont worry and also trust these piercing guys because they piercing things all the time and they know what they are doing so dont treat them like its there first time (unless it is) they are professionals give them respect and it helps to joke with them then they tend to make you feel alot more comfertable and one of the most important things that you could remember dont squinch they could pierce something that you didnt want pierced and it wouldnt be there fault it would be yours so just TRUST them piercings dont hurt unless they tell you its gonna hurt...:) also listen to what they tell you when they tell you how to clean your piercings because its really bad to have a infected piercing lucky i know how to follow directions and i havent had anything happen to me (if your a female and you wanna talk to me :) i like gurls with piercings of the following: tongue, eyebrow,bellybutton, lip ~~ either one or just one is cool all of them would kick I think that BMEZINE kicks its a great site and it has some pretty cool features also this section the piercing experience is cool it helps with people who are gonna get there piercings and are afried this lets them know it doesnt hurt and it might help out alot (my brother leaves his complements on the pix) p.s. im gonna do my tongue soon check for it in the tongue experience section of the site and also maybe my lip so check for that two pps if your from the bakersfield area e-mail me and i can give you the address to a really good shop that is really clean and does a great job e-mail me at the givin e-mail address or im me if im on aol s/n cre8ter06 or undrgrdfunk661

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: ShAwN
Studio: NAKED+AL%27S
Location: BAKERSFIELD+CALI+%28e-mail+me+for+more+info%29

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