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Stupid People Do Exsist!

I had been wanting my eyebrow for about 3 months before I actually had it. My parents were always uptight about that sort of thing, but thankfully they like the idea that I like to express myself. So about 3 months before my 14th birthday (Oct. 5th) I brought it up to them. Of course, as any other parent would say, the answer was "no".. at first. Over the next few months I drilled it in that it was all I ever wanted in my whole life and if they didn't let me then they'd be supressing me as modern-day society does to everyone else! Needless to say, they knew it was pure bull. But hey, it worked didn't it? Around rolls my birthday. I still wasn't sure what I was getting. But sure enough, they woke me up and told me to jump in the car. I thought maybe we were going to the mall or something. Nope! We went to that dingy, dirty, mexican flea market that I just can't live without! I can not tell you how excited I was at this point. I jumped out of the car ans skipped marrily to the piercing booth. We picked out a nice-sized 14ga ring with a onyx captive ball. I thought it'd be perty neat. Of course, my piercing buddy was the only one that would watch. Who just happens to be my dad. My mom wondered off. When I sat in the chair I could've just passed out from the excitement. He was busy in the corner fiddling with various tools and needles while I sat in the hard leather chair. Now, I have to say, this guy made me extremely uncomfortable. He was probably in his mid-late forties, chubby, and way too out-spoken. He tried to be cool, sarcastic, and funny. But ended up being dumb, scary, and annoying. He wouldn't let me put on my jacket to prevent getting blood on my shirt because he said I wouldn't bleed. But sure enough, I got blood all over my new white shirt. Every time I started to speak, he'd talk over me and act like I wasn't there. Never even asked me where I wanted it either. The only word I had in it was which side I wanted it on. A few words of advise, don't let people push you around. It's your body, you tell them what you want. If they don't listen, go somewhere else. I'm sure there are quite a few places that would love to take that money. Finally it all came down to it. My dad handed him a check for $45 (way expensive for an eyebrow), and he slipped on some latex gloves. I had my dad hold my hand, like I always do. Hey, I can't help I'm a wuss. Then the guy squeezed my eyebrow with the clamp, which I didn't even feel because of the excitement, and then he told me to close my eyes. Y'know, everyone says they don't even feel it.. well, not me! I felt as the needle pierced the first layer of skin, then slid through the meat (I think busting a small vain), then out the other layer of skin. I felt it, but I guess the excitement had me so hyped that it didn't hurt! It was great! I had this huge needle sticking through my head with blood running down my face and it didn't even hurt! Talk about a turn-on, huh? Then he tried to put the ring through. What a hassle! He couldn't get the ring through the bottom! Uhg. So he did it again! Well, that time I felt it. It stung quite profusely. But he got the ring through this time. Now, this guy was in the piercing business for 7 years, and it took him 20mins to click the ball into the ring. What a dumbass. But I was so suprised, it healed up perfectly in 2 weeks, no real problems at all, besides the usual crusties and a big purple bruise from the busted vain. But now that it's all healed, everyone's noticing that the jerkoff pierced it right by my eye! Notice that he never asked where I wanted it, and he completely missed my eyebrow! I hate stupid people. So now I have to go back and get it re-pierced. Great. 3 tries to get one piercing. But now I can't wait to go back since my mom said I could get my tongue this time. ;} This ought to show you, don't let your piercer be too controling. Take it slow and make sure you know what he's doing. If you don't like it, speak up. Just because he's got expirience doesn't mean he knows what he's doing. Take care now, and happy poking!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: A+self-centered+ass
Studio: Some+shop+in+a+mexican+flea+market
Location: Unknown

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