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Happy eye-brow girl

first let me tell you I am 14 years old and a female and I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for the longest time , I seen people that had it done and I LOVED it, everyone was saying I don't like it and it would look stupid and all that other non-sense, but of course if you knew me that would encourage me MORE ! I mean im the type of person when people hate things I do it on purpose, I asked my mom like when I first start noticing it and liking it alot and she said she would think about it , so I brung it up a couple months later and she said she didn't care as long as I payed for it ! ( I pay for everything I get ) Anyways so I called a few places and one place were my brother got his tongue pierced and my 2 sisters got there belly-button piercd said they would do it , it made me feel better knowing that it was a nice place since my family had piercings done there.. I was so nervous before I was gonna get it done I looked up all these web-site and I kinda knew what to expect and I read all the BME eyebrow storys like 4 times each LOL ... But was still nervous cause I few of them said it hurt like hell , but those were the ones that got me , most of them were postive, as you might know ! I just wanted to say all those people who said it hurt are wussys and chickens ! LOL, No offense... So the day came it was a monday afternoon , I was so nervous I couldn't eat and blah blah blah ! We got there and they asked how old I was , I said 14 and they asked if my mom was my mom and had to show proof, so the lady took out a eyebrow ring, I have no clue what size it is !!! and she whips it on the table and says this is the ring that is gonna use, and she took it back to sterilize it , this lady scared me she was kinda goofy ! She was joking the whole time, and then she asked the guy wanna do it m and he was like I don't care( I felt like I was wanted ) So he took me back and he was talking but I couldn't understand him I was so nervouse all I heard was mumble mumble mumble, he also looked scary he had so many piercings I probably couldn't count and he told me it doesn't hurt just feels like a sharp pinch and he said look at me ! I was thinking in my head yeah look at you ! LOL So he got out the clamps and clamped me eyebrow he put on gloves before he did that and he changed them a couple times to be sterile and he opened a fresh needle but I didn't look ! Now let me tell you I am so terrified of needles , jees I can't believe I did this , Im afriad of shots I will cry if I have to get a shot and here I am sitting in the bed/chair getting a needle through my eye.... HE placed the needle on the skin and all of these thoughts were rushing through my head and he told me to breath in hold it and let it out slowly so I did so and I felt the needle go through a tad pinch but no pain .... He put the ring in and asked if I was alright I said yeah and he told me to stay because i was trying to get up LMAO, he but the ball on the ring with tweezers or sumthin ! Anyway I was bleeding badly he showed me it in the mirror , my first reaction was like ill because it was ll bloody and nasty ! but then I was like yes I DID IT , I NISCE DID IT !!!!!!! I FELT TO PROUD, it was like a feeling I couldn't explain YEAH BABY !!! So he told me how to clean it blah blah blah , then I came out and my mom was like did it hurt , I said no and I was still shaking like hell hmm wierd .. Still NO PAIN. It just felt uncomfortable , the goofy lady gave me the sheet and we left. After that we went to a local drug store to pick up some bactine and I had blood caked all over my eyebrow and everyone was looking at me ! The cash lady asked about it I told her, and she said she wanted hers done and she didnt believe it didn't hurt ... Well anyway went home everyone was like wierd about it they had kinda thought it was nasty since there was blood all over my eyebrow... It was very hard to sleep on it for days and I still dont and its been I week and 4 days , and its bruised around the bottum hole of the piercing and it hurts I little bit when I clean it , but nothing that is painful, Im a little concerned about the bruise.. A few people said it looks a little low , because its VERY close to my eye-lid ! And another thing is I shave my e-brows and its hard to shave um now because the ring is in the way , I don't actually shave the whole thing off, but you know ! Anyway I have been expiering a little pain once in a while when I hit it but thats it, and still cant sleep on it ! I LOVE IT THOUGH, I can't stop looking in the mirror STILL! LOL If you wanna get your eyebrow done GO !!!!!! What are you waiting for ! IT ROCKS ! Don't hesitate to e-mail if you have any question , or e-mail me if you ever had a bruise around the piercing because im a little concerned THANKS ! HOPE you enjoyed my story , this whole story is TRUE not one thing Is a lie !!! Bye Bye Nisce

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: keith
Studio: cow+pok
Location: new+york

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