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hiding my brow piercing

i was in the very funky room of my best friends house on a friday night with no parents and about 5 other people.I was bored and had always craved an eyebrow ring,i was also feeling very up to it. i totally had my mind set on it looking wicked in the end and never thought about hitting a nerve,but i excitedly grabbed a saftey pin,sterilized the pin and where i wanted to make the peircing and told everyone that i was gonna do it,they all thought i was crazy!..being the chicken shit i am and how i HATE pain ,i put ice on my brow till it was numb.Then i jabbed it i,and closed up the saftey pin.it didnt really hurt at all and i was very surprised.A day later i was still at my friends house cause i was sleeping over and it was kinda hard sleeping on the left side of my face where the pin was,i was very afraid that the pin would get caught on something and rip out,but it didnt.Eventually,i took the pin out ..it was kinda crusty and gross,but i cleaned it out and it was fine.i borrowed one of my friends silver hoop,and had kinda a lot of difficulty putting it through cause the hoop was a little bit too big for the hole,but after puss and blood,it was in,it felt different having this piece of metel sticking out of my face cause when i washed my face i couldnt dry off that part of my face where the hoop was,but i didnt care..man i loved my new piercing.my friends and i went walking around to other friends houses so i could show it off to them..since im only 14,no one had a piecing like that except belly rings and i know one person with a nose ring...I was soo happy.but after the excitement i screamed..what the hell was i gonna tell my parents? i went through a long stage of thinking up stuff i would tell them,But i knew i wasnt gonna let the hole grow in.oh shit i thought, so i took out the hoop.That pissed me off cause i spent a long time trying to get that damn hoop in! i got my friend to help my thread the hole with fishing line and tie it in a knot I finally told my mom,but not in person,i called her from a payphone ,cause i was afraid my sisters would hear us talking,I made up a lie and said a friends cousin pierced it for free,and that my other friends had done it too, if i told her i did it myself she'd KILL me!!She was pissed,and very disappointed,but i still kept the fishing line in.I couldnt let my dad or sisters know cause my older sister has wanted an eyebrow ring for the longest time,and she has to wait till she's 18, and my dad hates tattoos and piercings.So she and i still havent told them.To this day i still have the fishing line in it waiting for summer to end and school to start.I try really hard to hide it,i wear my hair down and i grew my bangs long to cover the fishing line.When school starts i can get a barbell,or a real eyebrow hoop and wear it for the day and take it out before my dad gets home.Well thats my plan...i wonder when he'll finally realize that there's a hole in my eyebrow.As you can tell i am determined to keep this piercing,i would do almost anything so that i wouldnt get caught,even if it was to keep my distance from my family when i talked to them.I still think to myself and say,i cant believe i jabbed something in my face and kept it from almost my whole family.I just really wanted it badly.It was the thing that made me diffrent and unique from all my friends and it feels kinda cool to be described as "the girl from english class with the eyebrow ring"

  • for all the people out there who are thinking of getting this done,i wouldnt advise you to do it yourself,there are many risks,and unless you wanna risk having the side of your face all fucked up from hitting a nerve or whatever,get it professionally done,it's ,much,much safer and it'll still turn out cool. i hope you enjoyed my story of dertermination and secretisim.. and a little lying.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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