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hmm... interesting...

ummer, i decided to get my eyebrow pierced for shits and giggles.... i was visiting in boise, and my boyfriend had come to see me the weekend i got there. i told him i had an appointment to go visit patrick, my piercer, the day after he arrived. he was surprised but pretty excited. me, on the other hand.... i hate making appointments... the anticipation kills me! =) so, the fateful saturday arrived. we went to caliente and patrick was waiting for me, with a selection of jewelry to choose from. i wasn't sure as to what i wanted, but i thought i should get a little barbell so it wouldn't be as noticeable (so my boss wouldn't be too pissed off). as for the color, i decided to go with baby blue, to match everything else.. i have a thing about symmetry. laugh patrick led me to the back, to the oh so familiar dentist's chair, and asked me to have a seat while he took my jewelry back to be sterilized. jordan (my boyfriend) wanted to watch the piercing, so he came back to the room with us and waited. finally, (it seemed like forever... the anticipation again) he came back with his equipment, and set it out on a tray next to the chair. he cleaned my eyebrow with something or other... i asked what it was, but this was two months ago, so i've forgotten... sorry! and explained exactly how he was going to perform the piercing. then he marked my brow and asked me to check it out with the mirror. it looked good, so i told him to carry on. he began the breathing procedure with me, and told me he was going to pierce when he counted to three... so, deep breath in, deep breath out... apparently he did it sometime when i was exhaling... but hell if i know, i didn't feel anything until the barbell was in. meanwhile, jordan was watching and telling me how cool it was, when he began to turn a little green around the edges. i asked him what was wrong, and he said it was nothing, really... patrick told me i was bleeding a little bit, and asked me if i had had any caffeine that day. okay, i admit it, i've heard the lecture before, it thins your blood, don't have any before you head to the studio.... but it was early! and i was tired! how else was i supposed to stay awake? laugh then jordan suddenly told me he needed to sit down. (at this point i thought he was going to pass out, or something!) i asked him what was wrong, was i bleeding? i think he didn't want to scare me, because he told me it was only leaking a little bit. patrick handed me a mirror, and i lifted the tissue away from my brow only to discover -oh, dear god- i had a mini river down the side of my face! that was a little bit gross. (but it didn't hurt in any way!) so, once i stopped bleeding so damn much, he talked to me about aftercare, and sent us on our merry way.... next morning, a little tenderness but nothing bad. the real surprise came later in the day when the side of my face bruised quite a lot. i had a black eye, and it was even a little swollen! we went to a movie that night and people were giving jordan strange looks, as though they thought he had abused me or something! laugh that was pretty interesting! healing has been much faster than i expected, and two months later, it looks terrific. the placement is great, and it's never been infected or anything beyond the normal little crusties every once in awhile. i did aggravate it two weeks later, because some friends came to visit me, and we went to the vans warped tour... i wouldn't stay out of the pit, so i kept getting smacked around... ouch.... toward the end of the concert, one guy fell, and he grabbed the entire side of my face on his way down... that really hurt... i had to get the hell out of there and go beg the sno cone people for some ice to put on it.. oh that hurt a lot... but it didn't start bleeding, for which i am eternally grateful, because i was back in the pit less than 20 minutes later. yay! (moshing kicks ass if you're a chick... guys love you for it laugh) patrick is an amazing guy... good piercers are hard to come by in idaho, but he's one of the best. =) i've had my brow, tongue, navel, and two cartilage piercings (my latest) done by him. i wouldn't even consider going to anyone else. thanks to bruce and patrick at caliente for doing such a great job... i'll be back in another two months for more! (this shit is so addicting!!) i was feeling a little woozy from the endorphin rush

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: patrick
Studio: caliente
Location: boise%2C+idaho

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