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A needle-wouss gets an eyebrow piercing

were a Spice Girl, I'd be dubbed "Woussy Spice". I have way too many fears for my own good, and one of them is needles. However, I've always wanted to get some sort of a piercing (besides my ears-even I can handle that). I think that in many ways body piercing can be very attractive. I'm not a big fan of the really wierd piercings, though. To me, an example of a "wierd" piercing would be pocketing or plugs. Besides those, I think most of it can look really cool. So, of course with this opinion you would wonder why I haven't gotten something pierced before! Well, I decided for once to put my fear aside and get an eyebrow ring. I considered a tongue or nose piercing, but my mom wouldn't let me do either. She MIGHT have let me do my nose but on a slim chance. My mom's logic for letting me get my eyebrow pierced was that at least it would attract attention to my eyes (she thinks they're my best feature). Well I wasn't about to argue, so one week after my 16th birthday I got it done! I went to the Milano Studio in Milwaukie, Oregon. It's just down the street from me and it's brand new, so I thought I'd check it out. Plus, my mom wasn't too crazy about driving me to downtown Portland or Clackamas to get it done (for those who don't know: Milwaukie, OR is right next to Portland, OR). Of course my mom had to be with me since I'm under 18. When we walked in the door I wasn't sure what to think. By this time I was pretty nervous and wasn't quite sure who to talk to or anything. The place was pretty much empty except for someone who was getting a manicure (this studio also offers manicures) and a group of two guys and a girl that were up front looking at the diffent jewelry. Then, Scott (my piercer) aked what he could do for us and I just said, "uh..yeah. I'd like to get my eyebrow pierced." Except it came out more like "uh..yeah. I'd like to get my eyebrow pierced?" Anyway, I sounded like quite the dork and of course to top it off the group of two guys and a girl were giving me dirty looks for some reason. Then I had to fill out a form which my mom had to sign, and I could tell that I was pretty nervous because my handwriting was somewhat like a first-grader's. Then we had to pay (it was only $25 inluding the ring). By now I'm thinking that I can't get out of this since it's paid for now! But I was ready. Sort of. Scott told my mom and I to have a seat and wait until he was ready for us. I was growing more and more nervous thinking about that needle. Basically, I was just afraid of the pain. The three-some was in the piercing room but eventually they came out. The girl lifted up her shirt to look at her new piercing (navel). For some reason looking at her new piercing was pretty sobering. Okay, now it was my turn. Scott asked me if I was ready and we went back to the piercing room. They had a table thing with paper on it, kind of like at the school nurse or something, which I had to sit on. They had a big stereo system blasting my favorite radio station, so that was a good distraction. As it turns out, I couldn't choose the jewelry. What I ended up with was a stainless-steel captive bead ring. The bead is kind of a gun-metal grey. Scott made two marks above my right eyebrow and then he had me look in a mirror to make sure I liked the location of the spots. He put a small clamp on my eyebrow and picked up a seemingly large needle. This was it. I closed my eyes and felt the needle pierce my skin. At first I was thinking, "Hey, this isn't bad at all. What was I worried about?" But then it started to hurt pretty bad. I'm usually really woussy about pain, though, and even I got through it. He took the needle out and I opened my eyes. He asked if I was okay, and I was, but my eyes were watering just a little bit from the initial pain. He cleaned my ring and slipped it in. Most people say this hurts worse than the actualy piercing but for me it hurt less. The spot hurt already anyway so it was kind of hard to tell. He then cranked the two sides of the ring down, placed the bead between the ends, and cranked it down some more. This isn't too comfortable but it's not too bad. Then it was done! I checked out my new piercing in the mirror, and to be honest my first impression of it wasn't too good. I liked it, but for some reason I didn't really like it on me. My guess is that I just needed to get used to it. Scott told me the cleaning procedure and all of that stuff. The piercing stung for about an hour or so after that but after that didn't hardly sting at all. A few days later it became irritated and hard to turn but now it's pretty healthy. I've only had it for about two weeks, but I absolutely love it. I can't wait to experiment with different kinds of jewelry, and later get some more piercings. I was pretty happy with my experience at Milano and I'm definitely glad that I got the piercing done. It was pierced very well (not too much tissue for the jewelry or anything) and now my face wouldn't be complete without it. I've gotten tons of compliments but also lots of stares from old ladies (that's the fun part). If you are considering getting your eyebrow pierced-stop thinking about it! Go get it done! As long as you get it done at a respectable studio, you won't regret it. Even if you have a needle-phobia, the pain is definitely worth it. Hey, if I can do it, anyone can.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Milano+nails%2Fpiercing
Location: Milwaukie%2C+Oregon

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