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My eyebrow piercing experience

7 year old male and living in Finland. I was one day in Helsinki (which is capital city of Finland) with my friend, he wanted to get his septum pierced, so we headed to piercing place called Harness and we noticed that the piercer was Yazka, she is quite well known in Finland, seen her on TV and so on. Well after my friends septum was done (he looks like a bull, no offence :) I got hitten by a piercing bug, i wanted my eyebrow pierced and some spike/barbell to it. Well we left after my friend was done, we went to eat in chinese restaurant, yummy food :). After that I headed to home and started searching some eyebrow piercing pictures etc from net and i found BME. I had ear piercing like when i was 12, i taked it because everyone at that time taked it too g it was made via gun and ofcourse, it got infected and i let it grown up.. Thought i re-pierced it twice with needle without any sterilization [ how stupid of me ] well i let it grown back up twice too, at that time i didnt have much motivation to keep it or something. Anyway, in Finland people under 18 can get piercings, and we dont need to full up those sheets and show ID before getting pierced. About 2-3 weeks later i went to Harness with some of my friends to get my eyebrow pierced (i tryed to go there 2 weeks ago but it was closed, and again week ago but there was party in Finland so it was closed then too). I asked how much it will cost if i take eyebrow piercing, it was about 35$ and it was ok for me :-). Place was very clean. They had pictures of different pierced people on the walls and it was very cozy place. Anyway they are members of the Association of Professional Piercers and i was sure that this is right place to get myself pierced, since i saw them doing that septum piercing to my friend. I was a little bit tighten, but i totally relaxed after sitting to that dentist chair. Yazka asked do i have any questions, but i was ready, becouse i have read all the stuff from BME or something :). She put gloves to her hands, and cleaned my eyebrow with that brown shit, taked needle from sterilization bag, clamps, pressed it to my eyebrow, told me to breath in-out-in-out, i feeled needle going throught my eyebrow, it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would, it didnt hurt at ALL.. and before i noticed the ball closure ring was in my eyebrow, looked damn great! I payed them that 35$ and thanked. After piercing, my friends who where watching me getting pierced started asking questions "Did it hurt?!?" and i said thousand of times NO and they still didnt belive me :P Then my friend wanted eyebrow piercing to same place where i had it, and i was like damn#@!$ its not "original" anymore, damn he copies me#@! [ there is not much pierced ppl in area where i live and in school where me and that friend study.. ] O well, my friend was shakin of stress and was totally panicked when it was hes turn to get pierced. Gave me nice laught :-). Well after he drinkin some cups of water and gettin relaxed he got pierced too and it was ok .. Well i got home, parents were still on holiday and they didnt know about my piercing, wouldnt let me do it if they would know. My eyebrow was bit sore about 4 days and i wasnt able to sleep with left side. I kept cleaning it about 2-3 times in a day with Septidin. When my parents saw it mommie was like "Oh no a piercing.." and father yelled from other room "DID HE TAKE IT TO HIS NOSE?!!?" [ they saw my friend with septum piercing ] Well they accepted it, but sweared if i take another hole to my head they'd kill me. Now i've had this piercing about a month and its good. It gaved that yellow shit and bit blood at 2nd & 3rd week, but now its almost healed. Doesnt hurt at all if i move ring and so on. Eyebrow piercing with that friend healed faster, he taked it off like 3rd day and squashed all shit from it and put it back. Harness is great place to get pierced, and i just too my labret piercing there, gonna write experience to BME soon. Now i am thinking of getting next tongue piercing. I wanted to gret bridge piercing but i didnt have enough skin to do it. Feel free to write me if you have any questions and especially if you are from Finland.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Yazka
Studio: Harness
Location: Helsinki%2C+Finland

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