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My piercing experiences

ays wanted to get a piercing I got my ears done when I was 6 but that wasn't all that great. when I was like 12 I wanted my nose done. But then for some reason I changed my mind. So a year later a friend of mine showed up with a eyebrow ring and I thought it was the coolest thing. So I begged my mom for awhile and she said no. I stopped begging her for a couple months. Then I brought the subject up again. Finally after six months of consant nagging she said yes. So I started to call piercing shops and most of them said they wouldn't pierce a 13 year olds eyebrow. Then I came across a shop in Delmont that said they would and said to come in. Five minutes later I was one my way I was really nervous.I got there and a guy was getting a tattoo so the other guy had my mom sign the papers and fill out the forms.He took my $30 and told me to sit down the piercer would be done in a few min.At the shop I went to the had a huge German Shepard so I sat and played with it. Half an hour later my stomach was all knoted up. It was a new thing for me and I was now very very nervous. The piercer finished the tattoo and cleaned up called me in and sat me on a dentist type chair.He put a pair of rubber gloves on asked me what side I wanted done and I told him my left. So He showed me where he was going to put it and explained how he was gonna do it step by step. Meanwhile my mom was watching him like a hawk. Soon he clamped it and told me to take a breath but right then I thought what if he poke out my eye? Duh stupid me he said to calm down then I realized he pierced it from the bottom up. So I took a deep breath and it was through no pain at all.Then he put the 18g ring in and the ball on. He showed it to me and quized me one how to take care of it. And I was done with my first facial piercing.On the way home I could stop playing with it.A few days later It was alittle red and I worried alittle but I started cleaning it more and it healed nice. It hurt a coulpe days to sleep on it too but after that it was fine.Now I have a candycane striped green and yellow 16g ring with a glow in the dark green ball on it. About a month ago me and my 18 year old sister were at the beach and we thought we would get piercings to remember our trip by. I decided to get my navel and my sister wanted her tongue done. so My sister my friend Gabe and I went to a piercing shop and The guy George the piercer that had it 0g bone thing in his septum said he would do it and he gave us a deal he would give us a cheaper price since we were both getting piercings done. My sister was first he sat here on a table put rubber gloves on and had her gargle and looked at her tongue. He then put a dot on it and as her if it was an okay place ment and she said ok. then he clamped it and put the needle through and she was done. He picked up the 14g straight barbell in screwed the ball on and was like your turn after her taught her how to clean it. So here I am again in another shop getting another piercing.He put a fresh pair of rubber gloves on.So he put iodine on it to sanitize it and then her marked where it would. The whole time Gabe was holding my hand. he had me standupand asked if I liked where it was. Then he hand me lay back down on the table so her could pierce it. he told me to take deep breaths and on the third on he put the needle through. I will say it did hurt alittle and he slipped the 16g ring inand put the bead on it. Taught me how to clean it and I was on my way. I wasn't allowed to go in the hottub for 2 days which sucked. But I like my piercing. Now my boyfriend is going to get another piercing I can't wait he's getting the middle of his lip done on weds. He has his nose and his ears done so far. All together I have 13 piercings and I'm going to get my both my tragus's done and an industrial. All my piercings I think look good on me because I'm on the freaky side of this world. But if you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me at foxy669@hotmail.com

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Body+Works
Location: Delmont+Pa

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