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My "illegal" eyebrow piercing

been wanting to get tattooed for a long time but my problem is that I want it now but will not want it when I am a grandmother(I don't have kids now, but maybe one day...)So I have been hesitant to do it. The people I have talked to say "You can always have it removed later." Sha! I heard that lasering it off hurts worse than having it put on. So getting my eyebrow pierced was the solution.I had talking to the girls that I work with(I work for a bank) the week before I went on vacation and I said "I'm coming back pierced." So off to Myrtle Beach, SC I went with my boyfriend and my best friend and her boyfriend. We did a little sunbathing, a little shopping and alot of partying. On a Monday night we went to the Pavilion, which is Myrtle Beach's amusement park. They also have wha t is called "the strip" which is like a boardwalk that you would find at any beach that has T-shirt shops, Pizza places, video games, yada yada yada...Anyway I said "this is it! I am getting it done tonight." We found only one piercing shop at one end of the strip but when I went in and looked at all the jewelry I got scared and left. My boyfriend said "let's see if we can find another one." All along the strip there were these temporary tattoo shops, which I found odd. I would find out later why they were all there. We walked to the other end of the strip where we found two more places that did piercings and also henna tattoos. My friend Kelly and I went in to look at the body jewelry and inside the case there was a sign that said something like "as of May 31st 1999, body piercing has been banned from the Pavilion." I was like "oh s**t!" We walked out of the store and told my boyfriend Kevin that I couldn't have it done and what the sign had said. We went back inside and asked one of the guys who was doing henna tattoos where we could go to have this done. He introduced to a guy named Jay who would do it for us but....we had to drive to Surfside Beach(about 15 minute drive) to have it done legally. I was to pay for it there and then we would all pile in the car and drive to Surfside Beach to do it. I was scared at first..Jay would ride w/us... I didn't know this guy or what he was capable of but after I talked to Kevin he assured me that he and Doug(Kelly's man)were bigger than him and didn't think that he was dangerous. While Kevin and Doug went to get the car Kelly and I went in to fill out paperwork(she was getting her belly button done.) I had an urge to run out and scream "forget it!" But I didn't. My hands we shaking so bad that I thought I wouldn't be able to sign my name. The "paperwork" that they had me fill out basically said that I was over 18 and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs...I thought it would be some kind of booklet but it was just a sheet of paper that had been photocopied twenty times over from the original. Finally Kevin and Doug pull up and we all pile in the car. Jay sat up front where we could watch him from the backseat. During the drive up to Surfside Beach we had started talking to Jay and I begin to relax. He was a really cool guy. We pull up to this business park which Jay says that his boss rents monthly so they can have a legal place to do piercings. It's pitch black out(it's about 10:30pm) when we pull up and we get out of the car and go into the office. It's a big office with a waiting room and about 10 rooms inside this one room. He opens the door to one and inside is an autoclave machine, a reclining chair that looks like a dentist chair and shelf full of paper towels and silver trays that hold the clamps and such. He also has a tray filled with a liquid that he refers to as barbicide only stronger(he said the name but I was in such a daze that I forget it.) I decide to go first..that way if I pass out I will come to by the time Kelly is done with her navel. (That was the way I saw it anyway.) I sit down in the chair and Jay tells me to relax while he takes a clamp and another tool(holds the needle)out of the autoclave. I immeditaley feel better knowing that tools are sterlized. He marks the spot and tells me again to relax. Amazingly to me I am extremely relaxed by now. I have Kevin in the room with me while Kelly and Doug sit out in the waiting room. Kevin is standing by the doorway so he doesn't get in Jay's way. Jay says that the clamp will be the thing that hurts the most. I lay back and close my eyes(mainly because I don't want to see the needle.) I feel the clamp go on and by the time I know it I am done...he just has to put the ball on. It didn't hurt a bit! Well except when he kept pulling it to screw the ball on. But that is only because it was sore now and he pulling the skin. He got a paper towel and said that it would bleed for awhile. I asked for how long(I can just picture this blood oozing down my face) and he said that it depends on your bllod type...if you have blood that clots quickly than not long at all. Thank God I do. On the way back to the strip Jay tells me how to clean and take care of it. What I didn't get was aftercare instructions..which I didn't think about it until I was on my merry pierced way. I wouldn't know what to do if it got infected. When I got home from vacation I got on the internet and that is how I found BME...I did absolutley no research before hand!! This is the 3rd week since I have had it and it is truly awesome. The reaction I get from most people is: 1-did it hurt 2-why your eyebrow?? 3-WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE PIERCED??!! So...if you are ever in Myrtle Beach it is illegal on the strip to get pierced or tattooed. Apparently, "they" want to keep it a family atmosphere. But stop by and see Jay and he will take care of you. And tell him Cindie says hi...Jay if you are reading this send me an email.... In the words of Shania Twain "MAN, I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN!" I am not a country music fan but that song is awesome!! SEE YA!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jay
Studio: Surfside+Beach
Location: SC

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