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eyebrow at home

two months ago, I was looking for a web site about body piercing, because at the time, I wanted my navel pierced. I had seen a really cool looking one on a really good looking girl earlier that week. Somehow I came across BME and realized that that is not the only piercing that a whole bunch of people have. I stayed up all night looking through probablly every photo gallery in amazement. I saw some really cool stuff, but I thought the coolest one overall was still the navel piercing. Being stupid me, I went and found a saftey pin, rubbing alcohol, and a piece of cardboard (in place of a recieving needle or cork). I went into my room, locked my door, found what I thought to be the right spot on the outside of my navel and pushed. Ouch, that hurt. I probablly got it half way through in about half an hour, but I couldn't push hard enough to get it all the way. I couldn't deal with the pain any more, so I pulled it out. Being pissed off, I thought that I just had to have a piercing before I went to bed. I had thought that the eyebrow piercing would be really cool too and I read that it didn't hurt that much at all. I re-cleaned the needle, and rubbed my right eyebrow down with the alcohol. I went over to a mirror to see what I was doing, found the right spot and pushed up on the saftey pin. POP...actually it was more like a pop than a POP, it hardly even pinched. In about a second, I could already feel where the needle had started to poke through the other side. I pushed again and it slid right on through. That was the least painful thing in my life. I was incredibly happy that I had given myself a piercing. I closed up the saftey pin and wiped the area down one last time before going to bed. Sleeping was no problem at all. It didn't catch on anything. I woke up the next morning and made sure it was still there. I went to go take a shower and I looked at it in the mirror. No redness, no crusties, no soreness at all. I got out of the shower and I was drying off and I rubbed right across my eyebrow...DOH. I was suprised that it didn't hurt much and it didn't bleed when it was snagged. Then I went to put my shirt on...DOH, again. Nothing happened. My parents were on vacation so I didn't have to worry about them seeing it yet. That day I went on a mountain bike ride for most of the day by myself (I'm really big into biking). I still had the saftey pin in after the ride. That night was no worse than the last. No problems at all. I went to take a shower and my parents had gotten home when I got out. I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep it because my parents are really crazy about body piercing - they think it is the most stupid thing in the world. I finally decided to take it out. I grabbed some tissues and pulled out the pin expecting it to bleed like crazy. But guess what? Not a drop. I wanted to see if I could put the pin back in and I pushed it right through with a little effort. Anyway, my parents were probablly starting to wonder what I was doing so I took it out and left. I haven't tried to put it back in, but there is no visible hole there and I know that it didn't heal up in a day and a half. I'm still looking to get my navel pierced but now I want to get four piercings in a + or cross shape with 14g barbells. I am going to get this one professionally done since I just turned 18 and don't have to get my parents permission any more. I can also hide that a little better than an eyebrow. I think I will get my eyebrow pierced again also when I go off to college because it was really cool. I am really amazed at how my eyebrow didn't turn red at all, get sore at all, or get crusties at all. I'm especially amazed at all of these things because the needle I used wasn't too terribly sharp, probablly wasn't very clean, it wasn't SSS, and a plug of skin wasn't taken out like it is with a piercing needle. Maybe that is a good indication that my body can deal with piercings well; maybe not. Anyway, I hope that I won't have any problems with my navel in the near future or my eyebrow in about a year. I've also thought about a nostril piercing, lip or labret piercing, and nipple piercings, but I don't want to look like a super-freak or anything. I guess it doesn't really matter what you look like, it's how you are on the inside that counts. Who knows, I might end up with 10 pounds of metal on me and 5 billion tatoos all over my body in five years. Hey, anything can happen.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: me
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Location: GA

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