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When I was 12 I was looking on the net and found BME. I went to their eyebrow piercings and instantly wanted one. After about a year (I was 13) it was a couple months 'till my 14th b-day. I decided to ask my mom for an eyebrow piercing for my birthday. After 60 long days of trying to convince her with helpful information from bme she finally agreed. I was almost finished with jr. high so i decided to wait 'till summer.

Finally on May 27 1999, the last day of school, we went to a store called 'Global Chaos' to get pierced. I had called in advance but they didn't make appointments. When we got there the piercer was doing a belly-button in the back so I had to wait a little. My mother and my one year old sister were waiting with me which calmed me down a lot. After about 15 min. of waiting it was my turn. My mother had originally bought me an 18 gg barbell and had pre-paid for the actual piercing, but when I got there I decided that I wanted to go a little bigger with a 16 gg.

The piercer took me to the back, along with my mother and sister. He sat me in this big blue plastic chair that was in the middle of this little, narrow room. The room had a sink in the back where he washed his hands. He took about 5 min. to explain after care to me. He did not really explain much of the actual piercing to me though. He did not even show me the needle(which I am glad of cuz'I hear are very freaky looking. This guy was sooo calm and relaxed it made me wonder if he was on something, although his behavior did calm me down.

He put on some latex gloves and started to clean the piercing. He drew two dots and asked if they were ok. I told him that I wanted it a little more slanted. He said that he would make his adjustments while piercing.

he took off that pair of gloves and went to sterilize the barbell. When he came back he put on a new pair of gloves. He told me to close my eyes and to keep them closed the whole time. He started with the clamp which had a rubber-band around it to keep it tight. Next was the piercing. I could feel the needle being puled through yet it didn't hurt at all!! It was just like a hard pinch. Then I felt allot of tugging on it and that was it!! I WAS PIERCED!! It looked great!! I loved it.

So I started summer school about two weeks ago. On the first day I was there the A.P. started bitchin' at me. He told me to take it out. Of course I couldn't because it had only been pierced for about two weeks. I decided to just wear a band-aid over it for the rest of the day until I could get hime and fugure out what to do.

I went back to the piercing place after school to get a retainer. The only problem was that my eyebrows were too thin and it was still very obvious that I was pierced. A girl at the store told me to go buy some clear fishing line, cut it the appropriate length and put that in there. I tried that for the next day of school. First of all it looked like shit. It was like two big holes on my eyebrow. Since I had gotten it pierced there had been NO crusties or bleeding, but when I put that thing in I thought I might have had an infection with all the fluids coming out. I wasn't going to put my dear eyebrow through that any more, so I decided to experiment with pieces of band-aids, and make-up. I took the ends of a very sheer band-aid and covered up the barbell. Then I blended the band-aid in with concealer. After that I took a brow pencil in brown and drew in my eyebrow. (They are very thin so it was rather easy.) It was virtually invisable! And the good thing is that as soon as schools out I can just take the band-aid off. I am going to look for the new flesh colored barbells so it will not be as noticable and I wont have to spend as much time trying to cover it up. I guess the moral of this story is that piercings rule, and A.P.'s suck!! Oh-well.

So I guess thats my whole eyebrow experience, I hope you enjoyed!!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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