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A Coward gets a eyebrow ring

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I have wanted an eyebrow since I was 13. So two months after my sweet 16 I decided to go and get it done. Now I don't have tons of piercing's all over my body, I do have a tattoo on my ankle that is pretty big that I got as a Birthday present from my parents when I turned 14 (strange gift huh)? And honestly if u ask me now I have no clue how I went through 2 hours to get this tattoo. So anyway I picked a date and decided to go have it done but before I went I found this web site and must have read all the stories, so i started feeling a little bit better about it as the days passed

The big day I woke up around 10 that day got dressed and waited anxiously for my Mom to get home, around 11 she pulled up and I ran out to the car to meet her, before I left I had made plans for my cousin to come with me, so we left to pick her up and then were on our way. My cousin had gotten her belly button pierced the day before at a place called Village Street Wear in Bellmore, NY, She said they were really good so I decided to go there to. We walked into the store, they sold EVERYTHING u could think of from candles to poster's. We walked up to the cashier and told him i wanted my eyebrow pierced he handed my Mom a paper and she filled it out while the girl pick out my eyebrow ring (at that place they pick the earring out for u) she told me to follow her to the back of the store, so my Mom and my cousin and I walk to the back and go into this little room, which had a toilet (In case u got sick) and regular computer chair, she told me to sit down, now by this time I am SO SCARED and almost backed out I grabbed the back of the chair and squeezed it as she got out the clamp and the needle I watched her clean everything and open the needle and clamp for a new package, she told me to close my eyes and not to open them till she said so. By now I am shaking really bad. She first cleaned it with the stuff i couldn't see then she put 2 dots on my eyebrow and asked if it was okay i said yea, she told me to close my eyes again and i felt the clamp which just felt like someone was putting pressure on it, then 2 seconds later i feel a sharp pinch and she tells me the worst is over, I feel a little bit more pain and she tells me its just her closing the jewelry seconds later she says she's done and hands me 3 bottles of medicine and shows me how to clean it. We pay and walk out,

The First Cleaning

its 4:00 and it's time to clean my pericing and I am VERY scared. The girl gave me 3 bottles so first thing is i wash my hands (make sure u do so u cant spread infections to it) then wet it, I take out the q tips and put a little bit of the soap she gave me on it and start rubbing it gently around the pericing and now is the HARD part turning the earring for the first time, I am very scared its gonna fall out (lol) cause its really hard to believe that it can stay in your eyebrow it takes a while and a little tiny bit of pain and i finally succeed and turn the hoop i clean around it and turn it again, then i take a cup of water and wash the soap off which is pretty hard when u have to watch your eye and keep it closed cause that stuff STINGS when it gets into your eye, then I take the salt and add it to warm water and take a cotton ball and soak it in it and then squeeze it out on the hoop and keep doing that for a few minutes then I take the bactine don't worry none of this stuff stings the bactine actually feels good when u use it, so I take the bactine and squirt it on. My first cleaning is done. I haven't had any puss or bleeding, I put bacitracin on it all day long and clean it 2 times a day.

If u are thinking of having it done and u live in NY i would go to village street wear the people there were friendly, And the girl that did my piercing was SO NICE and when u are as nervous as I was it really comes in handy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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