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My bea-u-ti-ful eyebrow piercing

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I (like many others) had been wanting my eyebrow pierced for years. But I am now considered a grown-up (being 29) and work in the "professional" realm as a public school teacher...most of my friends/peers continually discouraged me from it. But I finally said "I want this done!" and did it.

Before I even stepped into a piercing studio, I spent hours on BME and other web sites doing research. I wanted to know all the answers to my questions-would it hurt, how do I know if the studio is clean, what to expect while healing, etc. I looked at tons of pictures too, and decided that I wanted something small, and gold. My biggest concern was the migration issue that seemed to keep appearing. I kept finding info that said eventually I would loose my ring to either movement or rejection! Bummer, but not a deterrent. SO I had all the info I needed, and made a plan to go!

I choose Primal Urge in New Hope, PA, because I had been there for my ears and was very pleased with their level of professionalism. I called ahead to find out the cost, (piercing $25+cost of the CBR) and to see if I needed an appointment (nope). The plan was to go on a Saturday afternoon with my pal Barb (she was going to do the navel thing). I was so psyched to go-and then she bailed!!!! ARRRGH!!!! But for a good reason. After my disappointment, I planned to head over by myself, but Barb of course wanted to do this together (and I did too) so I held off and we rescheduled for the next weekend. Sigh.

The next weekend Barb came over and we were off! It's a drive from my place, so we had plenty of time to get charged up and nervous! And then we get into town, and it's pouring! Buckets of rain! I was lucky to get a parking spot on the street-we dashed to the nearest bathroom (well the upcoming act made my bladder nervous!) and then hustled to Primal Urge. It was actually quiet when we got there (considering it was a Sunday in June!) and the people there were playing chess behind the counter! And smoking (which I wasn't crazy about). I announced to them that I wanted my brow, and Barb wanted her navel pierced. The woman behind the counter handed us forms, and showed us what to fill out. She then started to go through rings while we did this. I mentioned that I wanted something small and gold (although she never asked). After we were all filled out, she handed us each a paper (we had filled out with our names and the spot we wanted pierced) and mine had a little bag with my ring in it stapled to the top. The woman then said to go upstairs and we would meet up with Martin...

We were giddy by this point! We were really, FINALLY going to do this!!!! Upstairs had 2 piercing rooms. Martin was in one, setting up a little tray with stuff. He asked who was going to go first. We glanced at each other, and I said I would. Martin had me then look at him, and cleaned and marked my eyebrow. I then looked in a mirror. It was so far in! I really wanted it over toward the outside. I mentioned this to him, and he said he would move it over a bit, but too much would get in the way of my peripheral vision. Impressive that he knew this, and was concerned enough to say it! I then asked him about the migration/rejection thing. Martin said that as long as I didn't play with it while it healed, or smacked it badly, it would be just fine. He told me to lie down on the table, and to relax...which actually wasn't so hard to do, because they had nice soft music playing, and it smelled good in the room! He then explained the entire procedure: he would clamp it, ask me to take a deep breath in, and as he pierced it, I was to blow out the air slowly and forcefully. I was to keep my eyes closed until he said so. Okay...here we go!

He put the clamp on, and that didn't hurt at all. Then Martin said to breathe in, and out, and he pierced my brow. I didn't feel it at all!! Not at ALL!!!!!! He put the ring in, and I felt some pressure. He then wiped it off a lot, moving the ring around side to side as he did, which I could feel, but again didn't hurt. I got the okay to open my eyes and I smiled! He still had his hand on my brow, and told me to hold the gauze on it and slowly sit up. No problem. I eased myself off the table, but couldn't look yet because I had to hold the gauze on the spot. Later Barb said it bled a lot when it was done, but I never felt anything!

Barb then got her navel done, and she was great. Basically the same procedure. The only thing that bothered me was that he wiped off the clamp that had my blood on it, and the swirled it around in a large jar of alcohol looking stuff, and then used it again. I wasn't so sure of that afterwards, but at the time was too pumped to really take a concerned note of it. The gloves and needles were sterile and used only once. After Barb was done, I removed the cotton gauze and got to look at my eyebrow. I LOVED IT!!!!!!

We headed downstairs and now the place was crawling with people looking around. The woman behind the counter went over all our cleaning instructions. As she did it she used the instructions we would be taking with us, so we could follow along and ask questions as she went. They were detailed and easy to follow. The sheet also included a whole list of what NOT to use on it to clean...very informative! It also included their phone number highlighted and all the detailed info on the piercing (date, piercer, size of ring). We then were rung up and we paid. Mine came to $80! Then we left! We were so pleased with our piercing! We spent some time in New Hope, got some ice cram, and headed home, happy all the way.

The next day I went to school (remember I'm a teacher). The typical reactions were (and usually in this order):

"Why did you do THAT?!!!". I would respond that I liked it, and then would ask them why they had their ears pierced...

"That is weird/gross/disgusting". Well, thanks...but I think it is nice and beautiful!

"You seem so conservative, I can't believe you did this!" Oh really, I would say back.

"Did it hurt?" NOPE!!! ANd most people then think I am lying!

I was so emotionally tired after work from that day! I did expect the reaction-I mean how many school teachers do you know with eyebrow piercing? And the average age at my school is 45, and many of their kids are getting all sorts of piercing, which they hate...but the thing that freaked me out the most was that someone asked me what the principal thought, and was I asked to take it out. OH NO! I never checked our dress code. I was in a panic. What if I had to take it out? I loved my ring!!!!!!

I thought this over that night, and decided that our dress "code" was so liberal (with people wearing daisy duke shorts at times even!) that there were bigger fish to fry than me! The next day I ran into the vice principal, and he said "Is that new? It looks nice." I sighed with relief! In general I was the talk of the school for a couple of days, but then everyone settled down, and 3 weeks later, no one says a peep about it! :)

A note about the healing. It was sore like a bruise and when I had to clean it the first day it was ouchy. I had to move the ring, in the shower. The first thing was to have water run over it for 60 seconds. That was uncomfortable, but not very painful. Then I had to move the ring so that the bead was against one of the piercing holes. I decided that THAT was probably going to hurt, so I would do the breathing technique from the piercing. I took a deep breath in a blew it out as I moved the ring. Again it was sore, but not overly painful. I soaped up the ring, washed it off, and then repeated the move the bead and clean it. I was done! Overall for the first week, it was sore, and when it was bumped (because I would forget I had it) it would smart! During the day it would turn pink and everyone would panic and say-IT'S PINK! IT MUST BE INFECTED!!! But that is when it was really actually itchy, which you know from having scabs, is a sign of healing! I never really got a lot of the crusties either...but I am still healing. It takes 4-6 weeks.

Now that it's the 3rd week, it just looks sooooooo goooooood!!! Honestly, it didn't hurt-I wish I had done it years ago! I recommend that if you want to do this, you do check dress code issues before you commit to an obvious piercing like the brow. And make sure you know the studio well, and like what you see. Now go and get that brow pierced already! :) Stacey

You can e-mail me at [email protected] if you have questions!


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on: 15 July 1999
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