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my homemade eyebrow experience

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Hi, my name's Shannon & i'm thirteen, and a couple hours ago, i pierced my own eyebrow. i actually got the idea from another BME experience i read.

Well, for a few months, ive wanted to get some kind of body piercing. i started off wanting a lip ring, but my mom was totally against it even after i presented several arguments for it (from information i gathered mainly from BME!!). besides, no1 i knew personally had a lip ring, so it would have been really unique. but when i figured there was no chance for that, i asked about a tongue piercing.... you guessed it:"no, shannon, absolutely NOT". grrr.... well, today, i was checkin out your site on tongue piercings and stumbled across an experience from another 13 year old. in it, she told about how she'd wanted a tongue ring, but had to settle for a eyebrow piercing she did herself!

so i thought,"if she can, why cant i??" so i took some hydrogen peroxide, a needle, and some ice and went up to the bathroom. i held the ice on my eyebrow for a while (maybe five minutes or so). then i dipped the needle in the peroxide and took a cotton ball and dabbed my eyebrow with it. at this point, i was shaking with nervousness. its one thing to have some1 else shove a piece of metal through you, and quite another to do it yourself. plus, my mom wasnt home and she had NO clue i was gonna do this. so, i was taking a big risk, but i figured the worst that could happen would be that id hafta take it out and let it close up.

so i took the needle firmly in my quivering hand and stuck it into my eyebrow. the first time, i didnt get it deep enough and only pierced the top layer of skin. so i took out the needle, re-sterilized my brow and the needle and went in for it again. it really didnt hurt much at all. i had a little trouble figuring out where to have it come out at, but i finally got it through. it wasnt very deep or long, but it looked nice to me. so, having done it right the second time, it suddenly hit me. i had nothing to put in it!!! no ring, no barbell, only old earings that i didnt trust in my well-healed ear piercings, let alone a new, unhealed, do-it-yourself eyebrow piercing. so i just left the needle in there. then i took a bandaid and some anti-infection ointment and put em over my new piercing.

i was extremely proud if it, but i forced myself not to play with it. i went about my daily activities as normal, all the time dreading when the clock would strike 6:30 and my mom would come home to see what id done.

well, that is how you find me now... sitting in front of my computer frantically thinking up things to tell my surely terrfied mother. but i highly recommend piercing your own eyebrow. i really wanted this, and it took me to get up and do it myself to finally have it. you totally over-come a lot of fears and you get to do it just how you want it. if i take good care of it and keep it clean, im sure itll wind up kicking ass. plus, itll make one helluva story.

Later that evening......

well, i am officially unpierced. see, when my mom got home, she saw the bandaid with the needle sticking out from underneath it and she thought it was a joke. but, upon ripping the bandaid off rather forcefully, she discovered it wasnt. hee hee! first she called me insane and told me what id done was self-mutilation which was a rather humorous comment i thought. then she told me i was grounded which she obviously didnt mean, and that i had to "take that damn thing out of your eyebrow before i throw up!!!" so, to conclude my piercing experience, i am left with a hole in my head and no barbell to fill it! i took out the needle and itll probly close up tonite. but it was an awesome experience, and ill definitely do it again someday.

Later that week......

i decided to repierce it again.  this time, i pretty much repeated

the procedure, cept i made it a little longer and at a different spot on my eyebrow since the old piercing wasnt finished healing. i managed to buy a 18ga ring to put in there, so this time i was prepared. after id sterilized it, put on the ice and stuck the needle in, pulled it out the bottom and followed it closely in with my new ring. it looked a lot more profesh this time, but it bled more than the first one.

now, im sure youre wondering,"what about that mother of hers?  whats

she got to say about this whole thing??" ha ha, well, nothing really. see, i strategically planned it so that it was pierced only a little while before im going to camp. ive managed to hide the ring under my hair when my mom's around, and with only a day till im off to camp for a month, itll have plenty of time to heal.

i guess im just going to play it by ear from here on out.  i mean, i

went through all this trouble to get my brow pierced, i should at least keep it, right? Right. well, i hope some1 out there gets a little out of my trials and tribulations with eyebrow piercing, and maybe itll inspire some1 the same that other girl's story inspired me. besides, youve only got one life, one body, and one chance to do what you want with it. i hope you enjoyed reading about my experience, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]aol.com. id love to hear from you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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