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eyebrow piercing experience

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I went on vacation to Phoenix, Arizona with one definite mission in mind: getting my eyebrow pierced. I didn't tell anyone except the friend vacationing with me and the person we went to visit -- i wanted the piercing mission to be added to the agenda right from the outset so it would be a priority!

Anyway, we scheduled it for close to the end of the trip so the piercing wouldn't interfere with any of our plans (swimming, etc). Finally it was Sunday (our flight back to Cleveland left Monday morning) and we had been running around all day and still no piercing! Finally I went inside and grabbed a phone book, noting all the places that did body piercing and were open on Sunday. Finally we found a place in Mesa and drove out there.

Well, at first glance it didn't look too promising: gray cinderblock building, old El Camino parked out front, old toilet with a cactus planted in it sitting in the parking lot. Whaa-aa-at? I thought about chickening out for a minute, but sucked it up and went inside anyway. There was one dude inside, shirtless, COVERED with tats. He seemed kinda wacky but very friendly. I chatted with him and checked the place out while I walked around...it was very clean, all the proper equipment, very orderly...so I told him I wanted my eyebrow pierced and decided to go through with it. He asked if I wanted a ring or a curved barbell and let me look through the jewelry case. I decided on a very small silver ring without a ball closure. I was surprised he'd use such a small ring to pierced with but he told me it would be fine. The cost was $40, which I crabbed about a little, hoping he'd make me a deal (no dice).

Anyway, he got me a chair and started sterilizing everything in sight. He marked a couple spots on my eyebrow, explaining that he would pierce it at an angle so the ring would lay flatter and at an angle "because it looks sexier." I kinda rolled my eyes at that but the placement looked okay when he showed it to me, so I didn't comment. Then he trimmed my eyebrow a little with a new disposable razor and explained the procedure to me. He sterilized some more, got the jewelry packet ready, and put on gloves. The piercing part went pretty quick; it didn't hurt at all, more like a quick pinch. I think he kept expecting me to keel over or something because he constantly asked if I was all right or felt "woozy". I said no and he started singing "Shiloh" by Neil Diamond which was unsettling in a way. Anyhow, while the needle was in my eyebrow (I could see it out of the corner of my eye) he went to pick up the ring and dropped it on the floor. Sooooo, he had to unglove, get a new packet, resterilize everything, reglove, and THEN put the ring in. All this time the needle was in my eyebrow, but I couldn't feel it, just see it. He said, "heeyyy, you got a needle in your head!" which seemed, at the time, to be overstating the obvious somewhat. Putting the ring in took kind of a long time (later my friends were like, what took so long????) and THAT was the part that was more uncomfortable: because I chose a ring without a ball closure, he had to close the ring until the ends met EXACTLY or they would have caught on my skin. It only bled a little bit and stopped immediately.

When he finally got the ring where he wanted it, he gave me an aftercare slip and reiterated the instructions to me. He told me to put bacitracin on it for five days, and sleep with a Band-Aid for ten days, but I ditched the bandage after two or three days and quit the bacitracin too -- a lot of piercing places tell you NOT to use it, and it keeps the wound wet. Sometimes this slows the healing.

To sum up -- even though the guy was crazy and a little sketchy, he did a VERY good job and my piercing is deep enough that it won't migrate. It lays flat now (I got it done about a month ago) and I totally love it. All the reactions to it have been positive; actually the ring is small enough that you don't notice it unless you're fairly close to me which is good at work. A lot of people have commented on the size and said that it's unusual. All told, I am extremely glad I did it and would highly recommend an eyebrow piercing to anyone who wants to try getting pierced. It's really easy aftercare and (I think) low pain factor for your money.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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