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My FaVoRiTe PiErCiNg

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Ok...here i go...

I have always had a facination with piercings. When I was three years old I unwillingly got my ears pierced. In my early pre-adolecense, I saw a sprinkling of navel and nose rings and was awestruck with both, but was never exposed to anything else. Around the time I turned 12, I saw something that caught my eye: a picture of the Graffix skeleton, wearing a jester hat and a pierced browbone and grinning menacingly. I felt a combination of horror and intrigue. "Do people actually get their eyebrows pierced?" I wondered. A couple months later, a picture in a magazine confirmed that it does in fact exist, even though I had never seen it in person. When I was 13, a family friend got her eyebrow pierced. It looked so cool; a gold hoop with a navy blue bead. It somehow had never occured to me that people actually get these done. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. Finally, I asked my mom. After much bantering, she finally agreed that come summer I could get it. I counted the days.

Finally, one day my mom said that she'd take me. We went to Utopia in Hicksville, NY, where Euphoric Piercings is stationed. She didn't look very happy, but she nonetheless complied. I found my way over to a huge display case full of body jewelry. "Can I help you?" asked a shaggy-looking guy who eerily resembled the late Kurt Cobain. I told him that I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. He called over a guy with enormous stretchings in his ear, a Madison, and armfulls of tattoos. "How old are you?" he asked condesendingly. "13" I replied. A look of concern crossed his face. "I really don't like piercing someone so young..." he said. "I don't even like to pierce 14 year olds. Are you sure you don't want to wait?" "I have my mom with me," I said firmly. "She says it's okay." He gave in. "OK, you can choose a plain or a colored ring." I chose a minimalistic surgical steel hoop, which I later found out was a 16 gauge. I really wanted a barbell, but he said that barbells get infected easily if used initially. He then produced a 2-page consent form. It listed the process, all the possible things that could go wrong, a place for me to sign, and a place for my mom to sign. I put my name down in a split-second, although my mom took quite a bit longer. She also showed the piercer her ID. Finally, we were taken to a back room. It looked a lot like a doctor's office. He asked me which eyebrow I wanted done, and I chose the one on the right, since I'm right-handed and I have a great deal of manual fixation, so I could play with it more discreetly. He made two little dots, one on top of the other, at the end of my eyebrow. Then, he produced a needle in a sealed package. I was told to lay down on a table they had there. The piercer slipped on a pair of gloves and unwrapped the needle. He didn't use a clamp; he simply slipped the needle into the bottom dot and through the top. He then quickly pushed the hoop through. I drew my breath and looked in the mirror. I loved it instantly! It looks cool and rebellious, but at the same time unobtrusive, and even pretty. I think that mods like septum and lip rings have a tendency to look obnoxious, but my eyebrow ring actually adds to my face. I paid the piercer $45 and left with a smile on my face.

For the next 2 weeks I cleaned it about 6 times a day. I would take a

little Dixie cup, squirt some bactine into it, and then lean my face back so it was level. I quickly would turn the cup upside-down on the piercing and hold it there until the bactine started to drip into my eye. Then I'd tilt my head back up and take off the cup. I'd take a Q-tip, dip it in some more bactine, and gently clean off any crust. Then I'd rotate the ring a couple times. This method worked really well.

I am so happy with this piercing. I generally get good reactions, and

I love playing with it and I love how it looks. On my 15th birthday, my lone eyebrow ring seemed a little lonely, so I got it a roomate. (Read: I got another hoop next to it). I also got my tongue and my nipples (see Pierced nipples @ St Marks) and I have my ears, but if I had to choose one thing, it would be an eyebrow ring. The only problem is that it is hard to get a job with any piercings, but it's a price I'll pay...

I UrBaNi [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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