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My eyebrow hole diminished!

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Alright so heres my story...I was in 8th grade and wanted to get my eyebrow pierced more than anything, I would even try sticking safety pins through it. I wrote my mom letters and begged and pleaded to get it pierced, but nothing seemed to work. So we made a deal that for my 14th birthday I could get it pierced. So now i was really excited, and I was always researching piercings. I had to find out everything about it, and since I was only 13 at the time I had no friends with any piercings or knew anyone that knew anything about it, so I had no idea what to expect. I searched and searched and found out everything there is to know about piercing, unfortunatly I didn't know about BME, which now has been a great help. But now after all of my knowledge, was to find a place to get it pierced, I live in Chicago, and at that time I didn't know much about our ''piercing scene''. I called all the local places and all of them said you had to be 18 years old to get pierced, even with a parent. So I started calling places in other states near me! (geez, just for a darn eyebrow!)..anyways, I found a place in Indiana and my mom refused to drive 6 hours for that. I thought I was doomed, when a friend told me where her friend got pierced with consent, right near me!. So immediately a week after we found out, It was June 13th, only 3 days before my birthday, and we wasted no time and hurried to the tattoo place. I felt like such a little kid going in there, but i ran in and asked the guy at the desk where to go, he pointed me into a room where there was this man named Tony, who was wearing all leather and about 7ft tall with a mean look on his face. I walked over to him and said I wanted my eyebrow pierced, I felt so much better when he smiled and said ''sure hun!'' and gave me the papers to sign. I signed them, not even reading them. He sat me down in a chair and got out the needle and the clamps. He squeezed the clamps onto my left eyebrow and told me to close my eyes, I did as I was told and only a few seconds later I opened my eyes to find a needle hanging over my eyes. He quickly slid the needle out putting the hoop in. I looked in the mirror and love it!! it was the best thing in the world, didn't hurt a bit! on the way home it stung alot and I couldnt stop looking at it and touching it. But I haveto admmit, I never did wash it with anti-bacterial soap like it told me to. Luckily it never got infected. So from that day on I kept the hoop in.......

3 months later in August of 98..

So it was time to change the ring now, and I wanted to put in a barbell. I looked everywhere for a barbell and all of them were 14g, so I did a stupid thing and bought a 14g. I went back to my friends house and took out my 18g hoop and thought it would be easy to get the 14g in. So i stabbed it in there and it just wouldnt go in. I got it almost half way in, after ripping, pussing, and bleeding..and LOTS of pain. Then I went home that night and tried to keep pushing it in but it wouldnt go more than half way. So I went to bed that night with it sticking half out, hoping it wouldnt fall out during the night. I woke up next morning hoping it had magically gone through, but it didn't. I had an hour before school and HAD to get it in there. I pushed more and more and finally after one big tear it was in. It hurt like hell but it looked awesome...so i had my barbell and this was in for quite a while....

8 months later in March of 99..

My eyebrow hole had become smaller and smaller, actually only hanging on by a strand of skin (this happened because I stupidly streched my eyebrow myself)...I was going to take it out but I didnt want to lose it. I had also always wanted a double eyebrow piercing, so I had taken a trip to South Beach Florida and decided to do it there. This time it was just like getting my ear pierced, no biggie. But the man in South Beach told me to take my barbell out, that it was way to shallow and the skin could rip at any moment. But I didn't care I...So I got another piercing (this one was deep!) right next to my other hole. This time i was really happy with my eyebrow......

2 months later in May of 99.....THE 14g HOLE COMES OUT!

So by now I wanted to change my new eyebrow piercing with another barbell, so i would have a double barbell.....but this time i wasnt stupid and got an 18g barbell...I had this in for a while and about a week later i woke up and my other 14g hole was handing on by LITERALLY a thread of skin, I went to take it out and that small thread of skin just ripped, no pain because the skin was so dry..So now all i had was my recent 18g barbell..and a huge scar from where the 14g was.

PRESENT DAY June 20th 1999..

Well my 18g hole is doing just fine, but has gotten infected quite a bit, unlike my previous hole. But right next to that hole there is still a scar from the 14g, and it really has no feeling in that area of the scar. Im thinking of getting it re-pierced, but NOT stretching it myself. So I'm very satisfied with my piercings and recommed it, its just like getting your ear pierced, less painful! but don't stretch it and end up with nasty scar like it!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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