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two friends, two cabs, and a pack of ciggs

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i am 15 years old and male. i live in san antonio texas. i have been wanting my eyebrow pierced for about 3 or 4 monthes. my mom and dad are both against all piercings so i knew i would have to work around that. i decided on taking a cab 20 miles to arc angel tattoos with my friend chris who has been wanting his tongue pierced for some time. we would need about 40 dollars for transportation and 60 for the piercings (i also wanted to get a second left lobe). i decided i would need to steal most of the money from my parents. i also got a job so that helped too. i stole about 80 dollars from my parents and got another 50. so on thursday june 10 we decided to do it. we called the taxi and set them up to come to our house. i told my mom i was going to walk around the neighborhood with chris. i also got all the jewelry together so i wouldnt have to pay for that too.

about 3:17 the cab showed up at our house. me and chris and my "nerdy" brother jeremy met it and got in. it was a plump older lady who greeted us enthusiastically. we told her we needed to get to pat booker road. we were then on our way. i explained to her we were going to get pierced and she thought piercing was pretty gross. we then were near arc angel and it was about 3:34. as we pulled in it looked kinda dark in the building even though they were supposed to be open. i got out went and looked in the building and they were closed!!!! luckily there is another piercing shop located right up the road called south paw. they dont card either so we went there. we arrived approximently 2 and three fourths minutes later. luckily it was opened so we went in to make sure they would do it for us. as soon as i walked in the cab driver came in to make sure she got her money. i piad her the $21 it cost and tipped her $2. i then went to the counter and told the guy i wanted my eyebrow, left lobe and cartiladge done. and i told him my friend wanted his tongue done. just then chris said no i dont think i want to. he wussed out! i told him how easy it is since i have mine pierced. he still would not do it even though we had planned this for a few monthes. then the guy said he couldnt do my ear at all cause the piercer wasnt there and they didnt know how much it cost. so i said i would just take the eyebrow for $30. i then filled out the form and we proceeded to the back piercing room. i had a 14 guage cpative ball ring. he said it would work fine and put it in a cleaning solution. i then sat in the chair and asked chris one more time if he was sure he didnt want his tongue done. he said he was sure. i was getting kinda nervous by this time since the dude that was doing me wasnt even a piercer. he then put the clamps on my eyebrow. my heart was pounding and i felt a little light and i wasnt even on weed~! hehehe he then took the jewelry outta the cleaning liquid. he grabbed the needle and pushed it through my eyebrow. it hurt pretty badly! it was a lot worse than my tongue. he then took off the clamps and the needle was sitting in my eyebrow while he got the jewelry. my friend and brother were like that looks cool. the piercer then pushed the needle through and but the ring on. it looked too big so i will get a smaller ring soon. just as i got done a lady came in all upset cause she lost her tongue barbell and didnt want the hole to close. the piercer explained they didnt have the key to the jewelry since the actual piercer was not there. i told her we had an extra barbell since my friend got too scared so she paid us 15 dollars for it. she thanked us and left happily. then we too left to walk to arc angel to see if it was open yet to get my ear pierced. on the way we decided to stop in the gas station for some drinks of soda. when we were checking out the cashier had cartiladge rings so i talked a little to him about them. i then asked him if i had to be 18 to buy cigarettes. he said he would sell them to me so i bought a pack of camel wides and a lighter. we then left the store.

we arrived at arc angel very soon and it was open. i walked in and the guy in there turned out to not be a piercer either. but he said he could do my ear lobe but not the cartiladge so i said ok. i walked back to the seat and he put the clamps on and slowly pushed the needle through and put in my 14 guage circualr barbell. it looked cool cuz i now had two rings on that ear. we paid him five dollars and left. we smoked a couple ciggs and called another cab to go home. we got picked up by a slightly chubby guy and rode home. we arrived home about 5:19 and chris had to be home by 5:00. i was worried how my mom would react the whole time. i had reason to be. when i finally showed her she started crying! she was screaming "i hate you, you cause nothing but trouble!" she then screamed about 20 minutes straight and started crying hard again. the next morning on the way to my community service for infractions of the law she saw my new earring and started crying again. then she started pounding the steering wheel, stopped the car and told me to walk. i know this sounds like an overreaction to a piercing but she has severe depression and suicidal thoughts. i was scared she might do something bad to herself or me. i told her to calm down and she told me to shut the fuck up. see she had told me not to get my eyebrow done. she then said she wanted to drive the car into a pile of rocks and kill us all. well anyway ive had the piercing for 29 hours now and its not even sore. im cleaning it with bactine. you can also read my tongue story entitled "story of my tongue piercing".

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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