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Eyebrow piercing at 13

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Since I was about 11 years old I wanted one thing or another pierced.

At first it was my bellybutton (which I was going to get my parents would not let me), to my labret, to the Madonna and then my eyebrow. I first noticed that eyebrow piercing on one of my close friends Aura. She had a huge barbell in it and I wanted it so bad.

When I was 11 almost 12 me and my bestfriend and her mom went

downtown on Main street in Hunington Beach where I had been visiting them. We ended up and a dope store called Leopard Lounge. It was decorated with leoprad skin all over the walls and the piercer were totally cool and thought we were so cute. My second mom, Lisa had mentioned that we had wanted our bellybuttons pierced so the piercer I think he rname was Angie gave us a deal. Both piercings for only 45 dollars. Lisa then thought about it and decided it wouldn't be such a good idea If I got my bellybutton done cuz she was afraid my parents would kill her, so I didn't get it done. After that whole trauma I didn't talk about piercing again and totally hated my parents for not letting me have my freedom.

So after the whole bellybutton piercing phase grew out of my mind I

had become 13. My moms friend and daughter Tara came down to visit from New Mexico. Right when I saw her I fell in love. She had both her bellybutton and labret pierced and that sorta drew me a little more in to getting my eyebrow pierced. After a few days of having Tara around as an influence I knew I wanted my eyebrow for sure. After thinking of the bad and the good I was ready to ask my mom.

After the whole bellybutton piercing deal I put myself up to thinking

the answer was going to be NO right off the bat. I begged and begged my mom and bugged her for about two days, she said NO. So I asked Tara what she had said to get her mom to say yes. She told me she looked up her piercings on the Internet and found facts on it and wrote her mom a strong letter about why she felt she wanted her piercings. So the fallowing day I wrote my mom the strongest letter about 4 pages long explaining all my thoughts and feelings about eyebrow piercing. It changed her mind a little and made her think about it more but she still said no, I wasnt ready to give up.

So for the next 2 or 3 days I left her alone bringing it up as less

as possible. I then tried asking her again. She said she didnt really believe in piercings but if my dad said yes she would let me. I think she had it planned and really thought my dad was going to say NO and that I was scared of him. I begged her and begged her to just let me get it pierced without him knowing, she said no.

So for the next few days me and Tara looked up eyebrow piercing on

the Internet and found tons of pictures of people with eyebrow piercings, info on how to clean it, the good and the bad and so on. I then asked my dad over for dinner so we could talk about it and wrote him also a long letter about it too. So he came over and when I told him about everything and showed him the info about eyebrow piercing he said we would talk about it later that he needed to go back to work. So for the next few days I fallowed every rule possible in order to show how good I was and how much I deserved it.

I then asked my dad everyday for the next 3 days. He said it was

probably a yes but he needed one more day to think it over. I was getting very stressed out because I needed my dad to say yes and fast because school was over in two days and I was going to Palm Springs for four days. I told him to hurry and called him and had him and my mom talk about it for the last time before their final answer.

Finally my mom told me the good news. That if it was fine with the

school I could get it done. So the next day I went to school and asked the principal she said it was fine. So the whole day I asked all sorts of people if they thought I should get it done. One of my closest friends Amanda said if I got it done I would be a freak and that she wouldn't hang out with me. That really crushed me , but didn't change my mind about getting it because I realized that if she wasnt going to hang out with me because I had a ring in my eyebrow that I knew who my true friends are. A lot of people thought it would be hella cool and others didn't want me to and begged me not to get it done, I wanted it anyways.

So for the next 2 1/2 days I heard it from everyone, "Get it done"

and "Its gonna make you look ugly, what has your face ever done to you?". I was still determined to get it done. So after school was over It was off to Palm Springs!

After the long 4 1/2 hour drive to the hottest place on earth we

checked into our hotel. For the first 2 days in Palm Springs we went out shopping and hung out in the huge pool all day, tanning. After worring that I wasnt going to get it done after all I tried to stay calm. That night Me and my same best friend and her mom, Lisa all looked up piercing shops in Palm Springs. We found at least three or four and called them all. They said that I at least needed to be 16 and that they were the only piercing shops in Palm Springs that did it at 16. So we figured that on our way back to Santa Barbara we would get my eyebrow pierced at the same place where my best friend Erica got her bellybutton pierced (Leopard Lounge). So that night not worring about my eyebrow piercing anymore we met up with all of Erica's cousins who were pretty much my family too. So we all went downtown and went into this really weird shop I forfget the name but the two men working there were really nice. One was in his 40's who probably owned the store and this other guy who was about 26 younger or older and had dark hair and his teeth were chipped. All the stuff in there were tie dyed with bongs, and patches. Me,Erica,Brianna, and her friend Chanel were all fooling around and pretty much dissing all the hippie shit in there. Then all of a sudden Lisa called me over and started to talk to me and shes all "Hey Gibran, do you wanna get your eyebrow pierced now?" I wasnt ready for it and in my head I sorta didnt want to cuz the store was not where I expected to get it done. I decided to just get it done and said Yes. The younger guy that was going to pierced my eyebrow got out a sheet and started asking me and Lisa (who was pretending she was my mom and that I was 16) questions. Then he got to the part about what year I was born, I froze and just stood there laughing. I couldnt think of any year to say so Lisa said 1984 and I was born on April 27th (which would make me 14) he didnt even care how old I was and started showing me 3 different rings. One was really really small that had a black ball with a silver ring, then the same exact one but little bigger, and last a small barbell. He then took them all and put each one up to my eyebrow to see which one would be the best to use in my eyebrow. He chose the second one which was a little bigger with a black ball. He then had me pay which came out to be 45 dollars and as Lisa payed he took me back to get me seated and to try to calm me down.

As I walked back there nervously there was a small room that had a

low wall where everyone could watch it being done. He told Larry the older man in his 40's with a long white beard to get a needle cuz he was out of this certain size. When Larry came over with the needle he hid it so I wouldnt see it. The other guy with the chipped teeth started to get out all of the utensils. Like the clamp and put out two small cups and filled it with some weird sterilizing stuff and put the ring in it. He then put on gloves and took out some cleaning stuff and rubbed it fairly hard above my eyebrow and below. It stung hella bad cuz the day before i have cut my eyebrow open. I closed my eyes and started to get hella nervous. I grabbed Lisa's hand and the pierce er told me to put my head closer to him twice! then as i felt the needle going through my eyebrow he asked me if I felt anuything and I sorta got smart with him I'm all " No theres just a huge needle going throught my eyebrow!" and he laughed. It didnt even really hurt at all until he put the jewelry in but even that didnt really hurt. My overall piercing experience was was less painful then I thought it would be and I would do it again in a second. the piercer gave me a long lecture on how to clean it and told me to use dial soap on it and the use the showerhead on it and that when all the soap was out it would fell all sqeeky and to use this weird stuff he gave me on it only at night and to use visine (for your eyes) on it a lot during the day.

Ive had my eyebrow piercing for only about 4 days and have been

cleaning it exactly how he told me and i can't feel it at all anymore... I LOVE IT!

If you ever have any Questions about it you can e-mail or IM me at

Barbie6018.. my names Gibran! :)


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on: 01 July 1999
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