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Im 15 year old girl andI live in Rovaniemi, its a small city in Finland, near Arctic Circle. I first wanted to put a piercing when one of my friend took a eyebrow piercing and she told crazy things about the piercer. One day when i went to school I saw that my friend called Heli had a piercing. She had told me before that she`s gonna take a piercing but i had totally forgot it. Then I started to think it would be cool if I had a pircing. Then on day Heli told me that the piercer was gonna come to town. I live in little city so only piercer who works here always just visits in city.

That piercer is called Iipu. He tours around Finland and does piercings in different cities. Then i was sure i wanted to put a piercing. I was decided to take tonque piercing. Day when i was ment to put my piercing was friday. Me, Heli and my other friend Piia decided to go to Rio Grande, club where Iipu did piercings, after "work"(we were doing practical training for school). All that day was very nervours. What closer the piercing time came I just got more nervour and excited.

Heli and Piia waited me out side the place I was working and all I was thinking was: "ok, ok, just relax, this is it, nothing to be a fraid of…" We went upstairs of Rio Grande and there Iipu was. There were also couple girls watching tattoos and some weird people and Iipus friend (who was "stripping"). Iipu was putting a nipple piercing to one guy and maaan he sweared and screamed, well actually he bit his fist. We watched the prices and I was thinking that maybe tonque piercing hurts much and I dont want to yell as much as that guy before, so tought maybe I just put a eyebrow piercing. I asked Heli if she minds because she already had piercing on eyebrow. She said I can put it on ebrow if I wanna. Then Iipu asked where I want it and I had to decide so quikly I said eyebrow. There were 2 girls about 20 year old, they wanted a tonque piercing.

So it was my time to take the piercing, i sat down and Iipu said that I should come little closer, he wont do anything bad. I went closer and I remember I said: "I dont know how to swear so I`ll be very quiet". There I was sitting and waiting when he put his clowes on and repaired all stuff he needed. Then I had to take my classes off, and Iipu gave me a mirror so I could see where I wanted the piercing to take place. After that I felt a little pinch on my eyebrow and when i looked at the mirrow I saw a huge needle through my e-brow. Iipu took the barbell and just pulled it through and there it was. My first piercing!! Iipu gave me the instruction how to clean it and then we left.

We went out side and Piia and Heli were like: "wow, its cool, did it hurt? ". I gotta say it didnt hurt. Piia said that shes gonna put a piercing on her ear, she was talkin about outer conch. We took some money on the cash machine and went back. You shouldve seen Iipu´s face when we came back. Of course he was surpriced. Those 2 girls were just getting their ton que piercings and I said to Heli that now it feels like I wanna take 10 more piercings... That was my first piercing and it healed well. When my mom saw the piercing she freaked out. She started screaming and yelling but now she`s ok with it. Same thing happened with my second piercing.


Again in school, about month later of my first piercing experiement. I heard that Iipu was in Rovaniemi and only for today. I wanted to take second eyebrow piercing to my other e-brow, but i didnt have any money. All that day I asked everyone to lend me some money, but many of them didnt have any.

Finally I had all the money together I needed but the problem were that i phoned to Iipu and he said that if I want that piercing I need to come there berofe one oclock and my school ended at three oclock. At then time was almost 12. I really wanted to get that piercing so I skipped school. I told everyone to tell to the teacher that i feld bad and left home. I drived (with my bike) to Rio Grande as fast as I could and then the door was locked. I went to the backyard and there was one guy and I asked him to show where I need to go. This time it wasn`t the same place, it was in upstairs too but much smaller room. There were about 10 people packing their stuff.

Iipu asked me to sit down and he stated to repair needles and all. I told him that i left from school middle of the day and I had to borrow all the money to get this piercing. He just laughed and said: "and all bad!" I took my glasses off and here drawed the mark on my e-brow. I felt that pinch again and Iipu left that needle on my e-brow little longer this time, backed off and said: "That looks nice, why wont we leave it like that?". I knew it was joke and I said ok thats fine with me.

It was really weird to be there all alone with strange people middle of the day, but it all went well. That piercing didnt heal so well than the first one. I think its beacuse the weather got kinda cold and my piercing inflamed. I cleaned it regularly and then we bought some kinda salve and it helped. Now both of my piercings are doing fine and I`m thinking about taking a labret piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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