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My eyebrow piercing experience...

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I've always been interested in tattoos and piercings, but I hesitated to do anything because I was nervous about the pain and reactions I would get from family and friends. (Stupid, I know) I had a tattoo done in while on vacation in Florida in December. I thought about getting one for about two years and had researched it on this website and the internet in general. So I'm glad I knew exactly what to look for in a shop, and what to expect. The experiences on the BME pages really eased a lot of my fears and answered a lot of my questions.

My tattoo artist (his name is on the tip of my tongue, I wish I could remember it because he was absolutely fantastic.) did a wonderful job on my tattoo. (a panda bear holding a rose) If anyone is ever in Orlando/Kissimmee area, it's a tattoo shop near Midieval Times. Across the street and down, near a fruit store. They do fantastic work and offer reasonable prices. (sorry I can't remember the name!!) After this, I started coming back to the BME page and looking at the body piercing pages. I really wanted a navel piercing, but due to the fact I'm so tickelish when ANYONE touches my stomach, I haven't gotten one. I don't know how to cure this stupid tickle problem. I talked to my tattoo artist about it earlier, and he said if it's that bad, I shouldn't get it, because they have to clean the area so well (and me laying on the floor in hysterical laughter during this probably doesn't help the hygeiene factor)Dismayed, I sat and watched three people get their navels pierced while my husband got his tattoo.

A few months ago, I had thought it might be really cool to get my eyebrow pierced. Not many people where I live have one and I think it looked incredibly good. So I started researching again.

Finally, after a stressful semester at college, I decided to just go for it. My husband agreed, saying he thought it would look great. I went to a shop in my town, and it was incredibly busy, but the people were really friendly and very open about their sterilization policies. Everything was very sterile and taken from a fresh package. The piercer talked to me about migration and the chances and told me everything was autoclaved and then she marked my eyebrow w/ a marker. It looked good so she cleaned it and put the clamp on and stuff. I couldn't really see what was going on because I had my eyes closed, but my husband filled me in. Then she asked if I was ready. I said, yeah, go for it! Then I felt the needle. Boy, it really burned. It wasn't horrible or anything, but I did feel a burning sensation that lasted a few seconds. The jewelry (an 18g ring w/ball) didn't hurt going in.

She informed me of how to take care of it and I paid her and off I went. It's funny, my father hated it, my mom was shocked but she loved it, and my husband loves it. I love it too. Now, here is the interesting part.... I left the next day to visit my nephews who live in the country. I was staying for three days. While I was there the first night, my ball closure came off! I was mortified. I couldn't find it at first when I woke up, when I finally did, and cleaned it, I tried to put it back on, but it only had indents in it and i couldn't get the ring to go on. So I called up around where they live to find a tattoo place and the nearest one was three hours away.

After much annoyance, and I'll admit it, tears, on my part, I finally resigned myself to the fact that I had to wear an open ring for three days until I got back home. Which I'm still wearing until I go to the shop tomorrow! Cleaning has been a real pain, because I can't rotate the thing far, or it might disappear into the pierce.

My question is, why would this fall off so easily? I didn't even MOVE when I slept, very aware of it and trying to stay still. Was it not tight enough? Was it a faulty ring? And do I get them to put a new ring on? Or just a new ball? I'm annoyed, but I still love my new pierce. I hope it doesn't migrate after all this aggravation. But, it still looks great, even w/ no closing ball. That's my experience. Though, Im not an expert, I would say to get a ball w/ holes in it. It seems like a safer way to go for a new pierce. Less trauma to the eyebrow and yourself.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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