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Why I like To Go To Work

Since I was about 10 years old already having two ear piercings (got my first at 7 years old and loved) Anyways so since the age of 10 or so I have been bothering to my parents to let me pierce my eyebrow but there was no way there were ever going to let in. Finally it got to the point where I was asking them everyday and they were about to kill me and they threatened to take away all types of things from me so finally I shut up about it. For about a year I just stayed quiet and drempt about it.

About a year later I brought it up again and they were

pretty pissed but finally they just said next time you bring it up you'll be in big shit. So again I shut up, till I turned 15 then I started again. Agian they made me shut up so I did and then one day in the summer a few dyas after I got my report card (straigh A's) my Dad asked me to come into work for him. He owns a store and I often work there during the summer so with much delay I agreed and went in. When I got there he told me he was going to take me to get my eye brow pierced. So we took out the phone book and called a few places and finally we decide we were going to a place called Way Cool Tattoos which was the closest and I had heard good things about so we went.

So my dad and I get on the subway and ride over to Way Cool.

Niether of us had been there before or even that area so we walked around for a few minutes and found then we went in asked to get my eyebrow pierced. That's were the first problem came in since I thought that I was going in to work and not to get my eyebrow pierced I didn't have my wallet with me, so I had no I.D. on me and my dad didn't really have anything either. So we called my mom who was running my dad's store to see if she had my birth certificate or anything to fax over and she didn't so we called my brother at home to fax a copy of my birth certificate over but he was sleeping and didn't answer the phone and the staff at the place was very nice and pacient as we tried to figure something out and finally the lady just called my mom and said everything was cool so I was set and all I had to do was sign the paper and I was getting my eyebrow peirced. The lady at the desk semt me to get a coke and a choclate bar to have some sugr in me and then it was my turn.

There was a seperate room upstairs were we had to go and the

pierce was up there. She was very nice and sat me down and then asked me to roll down my pants a bit and lift up my shirt. Me and my dad both looked at each other and then we asked her why?
It turned out the person before me was supposed to get his navel pierced but he left and was coming back in a hour and she thought that was me. After the confusion she got out the right jellery and showed me everything and explained what she was going to do.
Then she marked it and it looied good so I said lets do it. I laid down and it went by so fast that I didn't fell the neddle go through and I just felt the jewlery coming through. Then she put the bead in and cleaned it up and I was set. I wasn't nervous just extremly excited the whole way but the only time I got nervous was the two seconds it took to go walk to the mirror and see how it looked. It was amazing, perfect. The she told me how to care of it and that was it.

The whole subway ride back to my dad's store I was buzzing

and if didn't hurt at all but it felt like it was itchy and I couldn't touch it to scratch it. When I got back to my dad's store I washed my hands and played with it a bit and the went home.

That night I cleaned for the first time was easy and not

really painful at all. I washed up my hand's then the ring and sprayed on the bactine and was a happy camper. For the next few days I just cleaned and kept it safe and I love it.

A few months after it healed I decide to put a barbell in

but I didn't know what gauge my pierce was or anything so since I couldn't get down to a piercing studio for a while because I live in the suburbs and it's pretty far to go. So a friend picked me up one and I put it in myself. That was pretty scary when I took out the CBR and put in the barbell in because the barbell was abit bigger and it took a bit of work to get in but finally I got it in. Then came the toughest part of it all I had to put on the ball. I recomed that you get this done profesoinally or atleast have someone help you but after a minute or two of screwing around with it I finally got it on and it looks amazing now.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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