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Eyebrow and Lip Piercing Experience

ne of the problems living in a Tourist haven is the large number of "piercing studios" that crop up and cater to the tourists, with all the horror stories about such places and their practices, so it's taken me a while of digging around to find a studio that I feel totally comfortable with.

I'd been bugging my husband for a while now to let me go find somewhere that would perform a tongue splitting for me. For some obscure reason, he refused, so we compromised grin. I got to pick up another two eyebrow rings, another lip ring, and I got to stretch my nostril from 18ga to 16ga.and put real jewelry in it for once Not much of a stretch, I know, but I've been wanting to get rid of the useless "screw" stud I've had in it for 6 years now :P

We picked the studio after I had visited all of the local ones around, and just sat there and listened to how the piercer's talked to their other clients. Obvious bullshit meant we walked, and (unfortunately), several studios saw the soles of our feet through their doors without nary a needle approaching my flesh. Two of them were using piercing guns for navels, even! (Yes, there are -still- places that backwards!) We finally found a place that was clean, with knowledgeable piercers, and booked the date.

For some strange reason, I actually got nervous walking in when the time came. I've been through this so many time (37 to be precise) now, I couldn't exactly say I was new to this. I knew exactly what to expect. I guess the fact it'd been 3 years since I'd last had a needle poked into me (in a fun way, at any rate) made my body start to complain, but I calmed down once I was in the chair and started watching the piercer lay her gear out and strip the 'clave packets from it. We'd discussed the studio's hygiene practices and standards when we were making the final decision on where to go, and it was nice to see that it hadn't all been talk.

We decided to do the eyebrows first, I'd picked out two nice 16ga SSS CBR's with small hematite beads. The way my piercings are being placed puts them all primarily on the left side of my head, with only my right ear being pierced on that side. So, these two new ones would be placed alongside the ring I already had in my left eyebrow. One of the things I'd been concerned with for the eyebrow placement would be whether the rings would lay "flat" against the brow, rather than stick straight out, but when we'd discussed this problem with the piercer beforehand, she told me that she'd make the piercing at a slight off-vertical angle, which should help to bring the ring down towards the skin. (She was right, as of this writing).

She marked the placement, and I double checked in the mirror. The spacing would be pretty close, but it wasn't going to cause a problem for the procedure, she told me, so I sat back, and waited.

There's something very strange about my body. The first I knew about the needle was when I glanced up and saw the blurry shadow occupying the top of my field of vision on the left. It was the same for the second piercing, no pain, just the surprise of seeing the needle. A slight tugging as the rings were run through, then a lot of tugging as she closed the rings around the beads. Then it was her turn to be surprised, when she was done, there was no bleeding, not even a drop.

I love doing that to people grin

We went for the lip next, again a 16ga SSS CBR with a hematite bead, to go along side the ring I've had in the lower left corner for many years. This one I felt more than I had the eyebrows, there's was a peculiar "sting" to this one, but all went fine. I think the piercer breathed a sigh of relief though that I said I actually felt this one, Goddess alone knows what she was thinking would happen after the performance with the eyebrows grin. Once she'd ran the ring through and closed it, we stopped to take a break and talk about piercings and such like, and the sort of clients she usually got being a beach-strip piercer.

The nostril was the last in the series, and this one was the real annoyance. The screw came out easily enough, but the hole tried almost immediately to close up on me. I'd gotten the nostril when I was still young, in the UK, and body piercing was totally unheard of back then, so it had been done with squirm a gun. Hey, be nice! Other than my ears, it was my first piercing :P

It took a lot of manipulation to get the ring run through,with a lot of squirming on my part. Since the stretch was such a pathetic up size, the piercer didn't have a taper for this, so we were improvising all the way. Still didn't really -hurt-, but it was a very uncomfortable sensation to put it mildly.

Once all was done, I checked out my additions in the big mirror. It was strange, seeing three eyebrow rings instead of one, and two lip rings instead of one, and I had to restrain myself from just reaching up to stroke my new eyebrow additions smile

What's next? I'd like to get a second nostril beside the first, and to take my eyebrow up to 6 rings. A medusa and labret are also being discussed, but those will depend on just how much I can milk from the tongue-splitting argument grin

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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