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Spontanous Piercing

ey bme guy! lol heres a submission for an eyebrow pierceing if you want to use it :)

I never really thought about getting my eyebrow done, i have 7 tattoo's, and had my tounge pierced about two months ago. i started getting the "craving" once again, and really couldn't decide on an anti eyebrow, or my lip... but i had alot to consider, my school doesn't allow 'fad' pierceings and my tounge was hard enough to hide since i am constantly playing with it...

I was sitting at school, mindlessly typeing in graphic arts, and had the urge to call my mom and see if i had gotton any mail... and she said i had recived a check... i got a lightbulb in my head, and told her she was going to drive me to Martys tattoo & piercing in wellsville, ohio when i got home from school.. i got her normal reaction of "what are you gonna do now?" told her i just didn't know.

I got on the net at school and decided either an eye brow or my nipple (eekkkk)

I got home, and my friend called.. i went and picked her up, and sat in the back of a truck with hardcore antisapation & excitement.

After what seemed like forever, we finally got there, and i decided on my eyebrow after seeing an awsome rainbow ring.

I picked out the jewelry (rainbow ring with neon green ball) and took a uncomfy seat in the chair. Just then another friend walked in the door with a camera!! so as the piercer got all ready, i talked nervously, and decided on jewley for my next piercing (lip ring on easter!!!!) The woman put the hemo's on my eyebrow after positioning where i wanted it, and i closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I heard the camera go off, breathed out, and it was over... i felt no pain at all... yet. ;)

after she got the hoop in, she had to bend it and that pinched quite a bit, and there was a little blood, but barely anything to freak about.. handed me a mirror, and i was newly pierced again!!

I payed her the 35.00 and got instructions for my bacitrine/peroxide routine (oh man this is so much cooler than listerine routines) and off i went.....

Well... my friend got real antsy and i asked her what she needed... back to the piercer we went, she said she NEEDED a barbell in her eye... she didn't complain of pain at all either, and her tolerance is really low for pain...

I'd recommend eyebrow piercing to anyone that thinks they want it. I am completely happy with mine, and cant wait for more (beware) i think this is a bad addiction!!!

Ill be scanning some pics of me and getting it done soon, look for them :)

toodles & adu!!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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