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a year of piercings

P>    A year ago, November 12, 1997, I marked my entrance into the world of body modification. I was going with my girlfriend and another friend to the mall to get my girlfriends ears pierced. I ended up deciding that I'd like to get my lobe and cartilage pierced. This piercing was done at Claire's Boutique using a gun. I know now that the use of a gun was a mistake. I chose a titanium starter set. So they cleaned my ear and marked it, and I told the lady that I was ready to do it. So she positioned the gun to do the cartilage, and pierced it. There was some pain but it was less than I thought there would be. I was told afterward by my girlfriend and friend that there was a very loud crunch when she pierced it, but I didn't hear it. I guess I was too nervous. After she pierced my lobe I paid them got the normal aftercare instructions and a huge bottle of Benzalkonium Chloride. Overall this experience was positive, but the cartilage around the cartilage piercing seems to be broken. Both of these piercings seemed to heal fairly easily, the lobe taking about 3 weeks and the cartilage taking about two months.

    In March I discovered BME while looking for more piercing, and was immediately reading everything I could get my hands on about all aspects of piercing and body modification. In May I was involved in a Anthropology project studying body modification in different cultures. This led me to even more information about the roots of body mods in societies. This research project culminated in me getting my rook pierced. For this I searched the Internet for places in San Antonio to get pierced. Through references in the alt.rec.bodyart FAQ and references from people who had been there I was turned on to Minx Body Impressions http://www.minxbodyimpressions.com/. When I visited them later in May I was impressed by their selection of jewelry and the cleanliness. Marge greeted me at the counter and asked me what I'd like done. I said I wanted my rook done so she started the paperwork and showed me my possible jewelry selections. I chose the smaller diameter of the two rings. After the paperwork was done she led me back to their piercing room. It was very clean and sparse with only black and white photos on the walls and a medical cabinet. She opened all the packets for the tools in front of me, and had me lay down. Then she cleaned and marked my rook. I did not feel that the piercing was very painful, only a slight pressure before she put the jewelry in. It seemed to bleed considerably after it was pierced and so she kept me in the back room for five minutes or so until it stopped. When I got up and looked in the mirror, I loved it, it looked so awesome, I was psyched. The only problems I've had with my rook have been the when I had a small ring in it, it would get caught behind my helix. A larger ring somewhat fixed this, but it has actually been good at sometimes because I can hide my ring in my rook behind my helix out of site. The piercing healed in about a month and a half. Overall I love it and it gives me no problems now.

    June 1 I graduated high school, to mark this occasion I traveled again to Minx to get my eyebrow pierced. This time I got Gene as a piercer, he also is a really good piercer in my mind. He must have changed gloves at least 5 times. This time though Minx was really busy with a whole crew of belly buttons to do. I believe there were like 5 belly buttons in front of me. On top of all of this at least three of the people had children with them, and the children were everywhere talking about how they wanted to pierce their belly, ass, etc. So I went outside and breathed some fresh air and drank some water while I waited. After a while I came back in a filled out the paperwork and chose jewelry, a 16ga SSS CBR. Then I went with Gene to the back and he marked three spots on my eyebrow, and asked me which one I would like. I chose the middle of the three. Next he took the instruments out of the bags and proceeded to clean my eyebrow. After this he clamped it, dipped the needle in medical lubricant, and pierced my eyebrow. There was very little pain for me. Healing of the eyebrow took about a month, and was the usual crusties. The only problem I've had with my eyebrow is that it appears to migrating. Overall this was a positive piercing experience.

    Sometime in July I got my most recent piercing, my belly button. Again I returned to Minx, and had Gene do it. Luckily this was a slow day without the crowd of the previous visit. So I could get it done immediately. He had me sign the form and pick the jewelry, a 14ga curved barbell. He took me to the back room and did the cleaning and marking again. This pierce was the most painful I've done.  I actually exclaimed "Ouch" when the needle went through. At first I was rather disappointed with the pierce. It looked like shit and took forever to heal, but now that it's finally mostly healed I like it more. My biggest problem with it is that the barbell fell out while I was doing some roofing, but I got it quickly replaced with a CBR because it is harder to lose and cheaper.

    Looking back now I am very pleased with my mods and the year is very memorable. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to BME and Shannon. I'm sure if it's on BME I've read it. Now I've moved on to Austin and the University of Texas at Austin, and if anyone has advice on good piercing studios in Austin I'd appreciate it.

Luke Bowman lbowman@mail.utexas.edu


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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