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Bridge pierce at Loops and Pierces (Santa Rosa CA)

used to live in Mt. Shasta, a small town with a population little more than 3000. In this town, a friend of mine and myself were the only people who had anything other than their tongues or navels pierced. We each had one lobe stretched to the 0 ga, and our septums pierced. The only difference between us was his labret. I recently moved to Santa Rosa to go to college, and I decided to commemorate this with a new bod mod. Thinking that this was a "liberal" town (it's not) I decided to get another facial pierce. My glorious Italian lineage has given me a rather large nose, which is perfect for augmentation. When I thought about it I figured that my bridge would be a beautiful addition, and since it isn't an oral piercing, I wouldn't look Identical to my friend back home.

I went into Loops and Pierces, the piercing/tattooing shop near the JC that I go to. It was like a doctor's office staffed and decorated by swing kids, except for the video games in the waiting room. It even smelled like a doctor's office, which was kinda reassuring, yet somewhat intimidating. I walked up to the receptionist, and told she I wanted to get my bridge pierced. She asked for my ID, then had me sign a release form. I was then introduced to my piercer, Neal.

He led me to an examining room and had me sit on a doctor’s table while he put some music on. It was a swing cover to some Billy Idol song. Neal's bed side manner was calm and conversative. I commented on the music and we both had a laugh about where Billy Idol is now. We both wanted to do it at 12 ga but he didn't have any jewelry that was long enough for my wider than normal (I guess) bridge; we settled on 14 ga. He told me that I would probably get a migraine headache for a couple of days, and then begun the sterilization prep. He took his time measuring and marking my bridge. He held up a mirror to see if I thought the marks were right. He then had me lie down and he clamped my bridge with pennington forceps. Then he asked if I was ready.

The pierce was not extremely painful, unlike like my septum, and not in that pleasure/pain way like my nipple. It certainly hurt less than falling off a skateboard. I could feel my skin cells separating and tearing to allow the needle to pass through. It was rather odd. He attached a taper to the barbell, which was internally threaded, and slid that through my new hole. He held up the mirror again and asked if I thought it was straight. I commented on how lame a crooked one looks and he said the he never lets a crooked bridge out of his studio, which was reassuring. He walked me out to the receptionist and bid me farewell.

The receptionist had me sit for a few minutes because I "looked spacey and didn't want me to pass out." She gave me after care instructions, took my money and sent me on my way. I did get a headache; not a migraine and it only lasted a couple of hours and didn't warrant any aspirin. Healing has been a breeze; it's been two months and it is doing great. I have been using bactine once a week, and I clean off the discharge to facilitate drainage. I haven't had to do anything else, except when it got a little inflamed the first weekend. I think it got angry because I went to a hardcore show and got a little banged around, but I soaked it a few of times in salt water and it calmed down.

The greatest thing about this piercing is that it is right between the eyes. Nobody can deny that you have visible piercings by not looking at them, they have to see it if they want to make eye contact. Since then I have had many people (at least fifty a month) come up to and ask if it goes through the bone, or if it hurt. It was amazing how many people had never seen this piercing before. Oh well. I can't really wear glasses anymore, which is OK since I don't need them and I hate to wear sunglasses. People seem to think that since I have two facial piercings that I am expert on piercings: I constantly have girls coming up to me at my college showing me their red belly buttons, and asking me what they should do.

I plan to go back to Loops and Pierces because they were professional clean. I recommend them to anyone in the area.

Marius Farioletti mraven@inreach.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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