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Bridge by Kevin @ Soul Piercing

n Monday, Sept. 21st I was happy. My tongue was doing well and I could eat solid foods again, so, I stopped at a place on Campus and got some chicken fingers and a Sobe Orange Carrot juice, and as I'm walking out I see Kevin Thomas sitting there eating lunch. During the summer I stopped by Soul Piercing (he's the owner/operator) and asked about my bridge and met him then, so, I recognized him. I asked what his hours were and told him I'd be coming by Saturday sometime, he said that was good, but call first, I said okay and left to let him finish his lunch in peace.

I had wanted to get my bridge done in June, when I knew I'd have a lot of free time to spend cleaning it and when it wouldn't get a lot of exposure to the public, but my parental permission fell through. I waited out the three months or so until I became legal and since then, it's been a matter of having the time. But I blocked out a few hours on Saturday and refused to let anything come in my way. Friday I checked my cleaning supplies, I still had a Econo-sized bottle of Dial Antibacterial left and plenty of q-tips, but was completely out of bactine. I made a quick trip to the store, and went to sleep.

Saturday I went to work with a mild expectant buzz. 12pm rolled around and I was gone, in the car and on my way home. I got side tracked by my parents for an hour over transportation (my car died after last week's tattoo/tongue piercing road trip), and went to take a shower. I scrubbed everything with Dial (just to be on the safe side) and imagined what it would be like in a few hours. When I was done I got in touch with Kevin. I made sure he was still there and not busy, and he gave me directions. I told him I'd be there in about 45 minutes. An hour and fifteen minutes later I show up.

He takes me to the piercing room and I fill out papers and everything, and get to know my piercer, he's been piercing for 5 years. I brought a 14 gauge blue niobium captive bead ring with me, and asked if I could have that in. He said no because it wasn't autoclaved (yeah! good answer) and niobium wasn't a good initial jewelry, but if I wanted he'd sterilize it for me and change it out in a few weeks. We picked out a ring the same size as the one I had (which had a bigger diameter than the size he'd planned on, and he'd told me it would hang kind of low, but I told him that was all right), and I decided on a cat's eye stone. Then he explained to me about the incidence of infection in a bridge and told me the proper way to clean it and everything. I said that was fine and agreed to take care of it, and voiced some concerns about the depth of the piercing (with barbell verses captive bead ring) and straightness. He told me I could get pretty deep with either and then spent some time analyzing my nose. My bridge isn't symmetrical, so even if the pierce was perfectly level it might look off, which is a problem he had with his bridge.

He told me to tie back my hair and at some point in time he put on latex gloves and started cleaning my bridge area, explaining what he was doing because it's really hard to see between your own eyes especially when they are closed. He marked off the entry and exit points so the pierce would look level and made me look in a mirror. I liked it and told him so, but he took me to look at it under different light anyway, just in case. I said I wanted to keep it there, and we went back to the piercing area. I sat back in the chair and he told me what he was going to do, pausing to pinch off the area like he would if he was actually piercing it, so I could get an idea of what it was going to feel like. I reassured him it didn't hurt.

He warned me there might be some bleeding and I got a paper towel to cover my shirt with just in case. He asked if I wanted to be sitting or lying down and eventually we decided on sitting. He asked me if I was okay, and I told him yes ( a little voice is in my head screaming, and begging don't let it hurt, please God, don't let it hurt). He got the rest of the stuff out, a cork, needle, forceps (or something), jewelry, whatever. I'm trying to pay attention to what he's saying, but I nervous at this point and mostly concentrating on keeping my eyes closed and relaxed. He reminds me to keep breathing. Then pinches off the skin, and tells me he's about to put the needle in, and I should take a deep breath. I feel it go in, but there's just pressure and no pain. He gets the needle in and then the jewelry (I really wanted to open my eyes and watch all of this, but didn't). He closes the ring and puts in the bead, and tells me I can open my eyes. He asks me if I'm all right, dizzy or anything and I tell him no, I'm great. So we both spend a lot of time just staring at it, ecstatic and so pleased. You couldn't even see the entry and exit marks because he nailed them so completely. He says if I have any problems just find him on campus or beep him.

We take pictures, go show other people, at some point I paid him, and I'm halfway out the door, when he realizes we both forgot about the aftercare sheet, so he runs back and gets one. I felt like a kid at Christmas I was so happy. I walked to my car so completely in love with reflective surfaces, anything I could see myself in I would have to stop and stare. It is so beautiful. I really have to recommend Kevin Thomas to anyone who lives in South Carolina. Soul Piercing in downtown Greenville, above the Updown Downtown, he's really great.

Saturday, the Day of: Found out bending over and letting the blood go to my head is not a good idea. But the piercing itself doesn't hurt unless I'm doing that, and it is more a dull pain than a sharp one. I'm expecting something to leak out eventually.

Day Two: there is no soreness, no redness, no "crusty stuff" and no bleeding. Learned I have to be more careful when drying my face with a towel, even if I am in a hurry.

Day Three: still no bleeding, no soreness, and no lymph leaking out. Around the entrance and exit points there is a little, tiny bit of redness, but unless my face is right next to the mirror, I can't see it.

Day Four: After I soaked my piercing in the salt solution I thought I saw a hint of lymph, but it came off during the dial washing. The entrance and exit points are a little dry, but nothing serious. I'm cleaning it three times a day, which I hope is enough.

An after note, I go to Clemson University, where there are around 18,000 students. This is the only bridge on campus(to my knowledge) and it is generating a lot attention and comment, which doesn't exactly thrill me, but since there is no way to cover the piercing... Mostly people just want to know if it hurt, or I'll get an occasional ewwww(I'd hate to see what they'd say if it got infected). Also, if you're thinking about getting a bridge, I want you to know that people are not going to be looking into your eyes for a while, they'll just stare at your piercing. But its not really a big deal, and it is a great piercing to have. If you're thinking about it, all I can say is go for it!

If you have any questions my email address is taustin@clemson.edu


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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