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Eyebrow Piercing At Infinite Body Piercing

ow Piercing At Infinite Body Piercing

Eyebrow Piercing At Infinite Body Piercing

Hi all...i would like to tell my tale of my eyebrow piercing. I have been intrested in body piercing for about 2 years now. I started out with the basic mall gunned ear lobe, moved on to my tongue and tragus, stretched my ear lobe to 000ga and just this past thursday (8/20/98) i headed down to infinite body piercing (http://www.infinitebody.com) to get my labret pierced. On the way down, i kept thinking about the fact that i was going to have some trouble talking the following week at work and decided to wait until things slow down some and get my eyebrow pierced instead.

No, I didn't just settle on this for the sake of pushing something cold and made of steel thru my body. I have been intrested in an eyebrow piercing for sometime and figured that, what the heck....since I'm here....

Infinite was quite busy already when we (my niece also went...she got her tongue pierced) arrived and we had to wait alittle while to get the attention of the counter person.

The counter person helped me select the appropiate jewelry and size (16ga captive bead ring), had me pay and then told me to take a seat and wait for what seemed an eternity.

Finally it was my turn. Excited and wanting to get this done, I hopped up onto their table. Mark, the fellow who pierced me, grabbed his tools of the trade (forceps and the needle) and showed them to me and made note of the fact that they were sealed and that they were only to be used on me. He opened up the forceps and needle and asked me which side I wanted pierced. I told him the right. He used a pen to mark and entry and exit point for the needle and asked me to take a look at it in the mirror to make sure that it looked ok.

I jumped back up onto the table and Mark told me that he was going to put the forceps on and that they might pinch alittle bit. On the forceps went and then he grabbed the needle. I could feel the needle just sort of sitting on my skin wait for him to push it thru. Mark told me to take a deep breath in and then exhale. As I exhaled, he pushed the needle thru. It was nothing at all. No bleeding, no real pain to speak of...no problem at all. He told me to hold real still has he grabbed the jewelry to insert it. The ring went in and he put the bead in and I was done.

The piercing is now five days old and i have had no problems with it. No crusties to speak of.

As far as the pain factor, I would rate it worse then my tongue but no where near the tragus. Pretty damn easy actually.....

As for my niece...she got pierced at 10ga and has some brusing and some slight bleeding but she appears to be healing up pretty good too.....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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