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Eyebrow Experience @ Smokin' Tattoos

But in the last month, it has been my goal to get my eyebrow pierced. The place where Mary got her tongue (and most recently nipple) was called Smokin' Tattoos, in Kent. The piercer who she most recommended there was Donnie Brown. So it was Thursday, January 5th, and Mary told me that she would take me on Saturday. But the next day she informed me that she couldn't take me due to family problems. I was kind of disapointed, but what could I do?

She told me, that Monday (9th) that she would take me sometime that week. Tuesday came around and I was at her house when we made the appointment for the next day. I wasn't nervous at all, until a few hours before we went.

As I sat in the last few periods of school, I couldn't wait, my dream was finally coming true, and this time there was no excuse of backing out. I waited after-school with extreme jitterness and excitement. We hopped in the car, and drove to her house as she needed to pick up somethings, then it was off to Kent.

When we arrived there I started to get a little worried, for what reason, I still don't know. They told me that Donnie did come in yet, and another guy was waiting for him, to get his lip pierced. I sat down and we waited for about 15 minutes then Donnie walked though the door, he looked as I had expected, mutliple tattoos and piercings, with a coffee mug and cig in hand.

He preped the tray for the other guy and had him come back, it was another 20 minutes before the guy came back. During that time I filled out all the paper-work and waivers. Then Donnie told me about some basic goings on with my piercing. He went to go prep the tray for me, thats when my heart started to beat quite rapidly. He came back out and told me it was my turn. Mary walked back with me. I sat down in a black computer-type chair in this little room that looked like a small business cubical. There was artwork and pictures all over.

Donnie began to go over the after-care sheet that I would recive afterwards. He put on a fresh-pair of rubber-gloves and began to coat a q-tip in some bactine. I closed my eyes and he preped the area for my piercing, he then marked the area with a sharpee marker and I looked at it in the mirror. It looked perfect. The hum of the auto-clave was in the background. My heart started to beat very rapidly. He asked if I was ready, and I said "hell yea."

He tore-open the package for the needle and coated it in a gel type liquid. I then closed my eyes and he asked me if I was ready, once again and I replyed with the same answer. I felt the clamps being put in place and those didn't hurt at all as I heard they did. I felt the tip of the needle on the under-side of my eyebrow. Then I took two more deep breaths and felt the needle even more. The only pain I felt was for about 3 seconds, and it wasn't like a real pain. It actually felt like heat, on my eyebrow. Donnie then told me the hard part was over and I gave a sigh of relief. I was told not to open my eyes and I did as I was told. He said that it looked great and all that was needed was to insert the ring & ball. I felt a little bit of pressure on my eyebrow again then it was over. He removed the clamps and screwed on the ball. I slowly opened my eyes and I saw Mary smiling and gave me a huge smile, and said "KICK ASS!" I slowly sat up and looked in the mirror.

It was just as I had expected, Blake, with a plain steel ring on my eyebrow. Donnie went over some after-care things again, handed me a paper and a business card.

So my whole ordeal is finally over. I love my eyebrow piercing, it looks absolutly great and want to thank Donnie for doing a great job. If you are in the Cleveland area and want a tattoo or piercing, make the trip to Kent and get Donnie, it will be worth it, trust me.

Blake** =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1998
in Eyebrow Piercing

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