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Septum, times two!!

So, my septum piercing. I'd wanted one for a long time but for one reason or another never had it done. At the time (this was in 2007) I had snakebites, a monroe and my tongue pierced and was debating getting my septum done. I finally decided one day that I'd just go ahead and do it. I was with a few friends and we all walked downtown together. The shop is conveniently down the street from my university so I would often see flocks of rebellious kids go in groups to get piercings or tattoos. In any case, I walk in and ask if AJ was in (AJ was the piercer). It turned out that he was, but on a lunch break, so he told me to come back in a half an hour. We all walked around town for a bit and grabbed a bite to eat at the Burger King down the street but I was too nervous to eat. I had many piercings before but I was always nervous going into it. We walk back into the shop and AJ greets me and I tell him that I want my septum done. He takes me to the back room with one of my friends and preps for me. I saw him open fresh clamps, needles, jewelry, the works. He looked at my nose for a bit, cleaned it and made a mark on my septum. He then grabbed the pliers and pulled my septum skin down a little so he wouldn't actually pierce any cartilage, just skin. I gripped my friend's hand and he told me to take a deep breath. As I was starting to exhale he shoved the needle through. It was quick, but not painless. My eyes were watering like crazy and it stung quite a bit. He then slid the hoop in and secured the captive bead, which made me tear up more. He had me look at it so I took a quick glance, wiped my face a bit and paid him and left after he gave me some H2Ocean and the cleaning speech.

Once I got back to my room I noticed that it was a little crooked. Not like REALLY crooked, but just a little. It bothered me a bit, but I never went back and said anything. I just had to make sure the jewelry wasn't sliding around or else you'd notice how crooked it was. But maybe I'm just OCD.

Anyway, It healed and I liked it albeit it's slight crookedness.

About 3 months later I got a bad case of appendicitis and had to have surgery. They didn't remove my jewelry before the surgery, during the prep, so I thought I was fine, but when I came out of it, they had removed my septum ring! They gave it back to me in a jar and I tried to put it back in immediately but it had closed up. I was SO pissed.

Fast forward to summer of '08. I was living with a friend for a few weeks and he wanted to go to a new(ish) shop in downtown Portland, ME and get his septum pierced. He had been thinking about it for a long time so I went with him and on a whim decided to get my septum pierced again. The shop we went to was Hallowed Ground on Congress St. It is a REALLY nice shop where the people are friendly and the atmosphere is great. The first thing I noticed (besides the SICK art everywhere) was how clean it was. I could eat off the floor. I didn't, but I could have. My friend, Z, went first and he teared up like I had. I just decided to go for it and asked the piercer, Nate, if he had time to do another septum. He said he was open all day so, sure. I ran to the ATM and got cash for him and came back just as he was opening new needles, pliers, etc for me. I sat down in the seat and told him I had had a septum piercing before and it had been a little crooked and it bothered me a lot. Well , he took his time going back and forth and back and forth to make sure it was perfect. He put the clamps on, pulled down and counted to 3. Well, he pierced on 2 and it shocked me a little. Well, the thing that actually shocked me more was the SNAP sound that it made and how it had hurt even more than the first time. He told me afterward the this was the scar tissue being difficult. I took my time looking at it in the mirror and was pleased to see that it was perfectly placed and not crooked at all. I paid him and gave him a sizable tip. He then came outside with us and Z and I had a cigarette with him. He was so chill and nice. I really recommend going to Hallowed Ground to everyone in southern Maine. I mean, the piercer was extremely cute and he even bought me a coffee afterward! :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Dec. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: AJ+%2F+Nate
Studio: Brave+Soul+%2F+Hallowed+Ground
Location: Gorham%2C+ME+%2F+Portland%2C+ME

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