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My little story

Well, to start off my nose piercing is not my first one and it will not be my last. It was June of last year and I was wanting my nose pierced for about six months. As we all know women, tend to change our minds well lets just say, often haha. So after waiting for what I thought was long enough to talk myself out of it, I made my decision, I was getting that night come hell or high water. Being very excited I called my best friend, to come watch my make an ass out of myself by crying, so naturally she came running with a camera in her hand. Good friend HUH? I called my husband at work telling him I was ready for my nose to be pierced, and I think he was just about excited as I was, and he said that he would do it as soon as he got off work. YAY

After an hour of waiting on the hubby, which seemed an eternity. He came home, and started setting up an area for this all to go down at. I must say this my husband is an apprentice, so it was not one of things where we burned a end of a sewing needle, and pray that you do not get an infection, we are all pro. After everything was set up he was ready for me, and then starts the butterflies. He started cleaning my nose, which rubbing alcohol freaking burns your eyes fyi, that's what I get for playing around to much, I suppose. He mark the area where I would be pierced, we both took a look at it and after me making him move it three times, for it only to put back where it was originally. It was time!

Now, I would not say that I am a scaredy cat, but I started getting nervous. It might just be me, but getting pierced by someone you do not know and by a loved one feels different. Every time he would start telling me to take a deep breath in, I would tell him no, We went on like this for about fifteen minutes or so, after all his patience were gone he said fine, "you were not going to do it anyways!" Being a women, and a stubborn one at that, I said yes I am, and told him to get on with it. My friend is laughing her butt off, and snapping pics as she giggles. Finally after yelling you went through the other side of my nose and dealing with the painful transaction. There was little to no bleeding and the way I looked you would have thought he stabbed me a few times, and called me bad names haha, mascara was everywhere! After cleaning up my face and laughing at myself, it hit me my nose was pierced! I was so happy to see it on my face, that I did not even mind that it felt lik e a huge booger in my nose. which was the highlight of my friends night to pick on me about getting boogers stuck on it. Of course there are some blackmail pictures around here somewhere, but that does not bother me.

For the tricky part, how was I going to not get caught having this in at work. I work for a small medical company by the way. The responsible side of me totally forgot about my job.. go figure. So, coming up with not wearing my contacts anymore and stick to my glasses might help some, thanks goodness it was Friday and I had a few days away from work. Getting nervous all over again, Monday rolls around and I tried to stay invisible and wearing a "do not mess with me" look on my face which work! Unfortunately that only lasted three days. My crazy boss noticed it, and asked about it. I thought that it was the end of my cute new addition, but to my surprise she totally loved it! She said that since she did not notice it until three days later (she is OCD she notices EVERYTHING)no one else should and if they do they can come talk to her! Right on! We (the boss and I) both agreed that I would not put a huge hoop in it. she told me I was good to go.I was so happy I ran out and start ed showing everyone. I got a few "oh cool" and some "why" but over all they seemed to like it. Even though their opinion means nothing to me, it is nice to hear their reactions.

It is fully healed now, I did not have any problems with it at all.I would do it all over again if i had the chance. I have not changed it out yet. I have not really found a nose ring I like.. I have a few more things pierced now, and I did not make a big deal out of them, as I did this one. To this day I still love it and I feel awkward if I do not have it in. It is a part of me and who I am.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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