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Getting my nose pierced on both sides!

This is my first story so bear with me, but I am really excited! I will do my best to give advice and share my story with you wonderful people!

Recently, I got my both sides of my nosed pierced. Now this is not my first body mod experience. I got both nipples and an industrial in both ears when I was 18. Now that I have recently turned 19, I was itching for some more piercing. So I did some looking on BME and I kept coming across people who have both sides of their nose pierced.

As a responsible person, I did some research on healing time, rejection rates, what aftercare was involved.

Then I decided that I wanted to pierce both sides of my nose. I went to the bank, got some cash and grabbed something to eat. It is a good idea to bring cash because the shop might not take credit or debit cards. Also, eating something before you go get body mods is important. I learned this from my first experience.

From there I did some research on where to go. The place that I went to when I was 18, the piercer was not very nice. He was knowledgeable and skilled but because of the way he treated me I decided not to go back. Another place I was thinking about was great but the day I went they did not have the studs that I wanted. So my friend suggested Sunken Ship, so I went there instead.

The shop was clean and the piercer, Justin, was helpful and knowledgeable. He then led me back to this room with a weird table chair thing and supplies.

I sat down on the weird apparatus and he proceeded to clean my nose with some surgical grade soap stuff. It smelled weird but it did the job of cleaning my nose.

Then he went on to marking my nose. This took about 10 minutes because he and I wanted to make sure that it was going to be even and symmetrical. So every time he would make a mistake he has to rub my nose with that soap stuff.

Finally, we had the right spots and we were ready to start the fun! By this point of time, I was kind of nervous but that is normal.

He then proceeded to tell me what the different piercing instruments he would be using on me. Obviously he would be using a needle (18 gauge) and this thing that about the same length as a cigarette but silver and hollow. This silver cigarette tube thing would be used to guide the jewelry into the right place in my nose.

From there, He placed the silver thing in my nose and placed the needle near my nose. He told me to take a deep breath in and then WAM! He shoved the needle through my nose, took it out and placed in the clear gem L-shaped nose stud. Instantly, tears began to flow from my left ear. This was an involuntary action of the piercing. It would be like getting punched in the nose, and then having your eyes water. So I was not crying.

Surprisingly there was hardly any blood which was nice goes I did not want blood on my white tank top. I took a minute break to calm myself down again before proceeding. I have to say it did hurt a little more than I expected but I got over it. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the absolute worst, it was about a 5 for me. But everyone is different.

He then went to my right side. Placed the silver tube in my nose and told me to breathe in. He pierced the other side of my nose and I definitely felt more pain this time. I believe it's because your body has already gone through a "trauma" and it's more sensitive to pain. Though do not believe me, I am not a doctor. From this point I felt a little light headed. Good thing I am not driving.

After the fun was over, Justin explained to me the aftercare procedures. People, if you do not take the time to do the aftercare, then why would you get piercings? You will waste your investment if you do not take care of your piercings!

From there I paid Justin, thanked him for the good job and tipped him. Everyone knows the saying "Do not forget to tip your waitress." Well everyone should also know "Do not forget to tip your piercer or tattoo artist. I learned this during my first experience with piercings. Maybe that's why the first piercer did not like me...

Afterwards, I went to the nearest drug store and got the necessary soap and saline solution Justin told me to get and then headed home.

I suggest going with friends because it calms you down and makes you more comfortable. Also I do suggest that one of your friends drive. The last you want to do after getting piercings is to drive.

Another piece of advice is to eat something afterwards. For me, it felt that I was getting my energy and strength back.

So far it has been two day since the piercings and they are doing great. I am cleaning them regularly and I have to say I look much prettier with them. I am very happy with my experience and encourage anyone to get it done. It is a lovely way to express one's self and is pretty darn cool!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Justin
Studio: Sunkin+Ship+Tattoo+and+Piercings
Location: Everett

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