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My septum

I woke up with that urge. People who have at least one form of body modification will know what i'm talking about, you know that desire to get something, to feel the adrenaline rush of getting a new piercing or tattoo once again, well, I was no stranger to that feeling. Having already had angel bites, side labret, tragus, smiley, nose, 10mm ear lobes and countless other ear piercings, there was only one more thing I wanted. A septum. I had wanted it for a while now by my parents hated it and so did my friends. "Ew, it looks like a bull ring please don't" or "But you have a really pretty face, why ruin it?". I brought it up with my boyfriend and he thought it would really suit me and told me to go for it, not that I would of listened if he said no anyway, I don't get piercings for anyone else, I get them for me. If I like it I go for it, simple as that really.

After bringing up the idea with my parents (please bear in mind i'm only 15) it was a flat out no. After every mod i've gotten my parents always say the same thing, its always been the line "This is the last one, I mean it" but with some of my birthday money left over, I was determined to get it. I had been researching it for a few months, and I knew that it was probably the most easily hidden piercing, after showing my parents pictures of what it looked like flipped up, invisible, they finally agreed to let me get it done. They even done some research themselves. They kept trying to put me off with the classic "Apparently its the most painful piercing anyone can get" and "It's almost impossible to get it completely straight" and "Some people haven't got the correct nose structure for it" but I didn't care about the pain, or even if it was straight, I really wanted it done, and I was going to get it no matter what.

My mother rang up my usual piercing place, but they were fully booked until wednesday. It was monday and I really couldn't wait that long, so we decided to travel to another piercing shop near by. Many of my friends have had something done there and they gave it a good review so I just went for it. Walking into the shop I smelt the comforting smell of cleanliness. Me, my mum and my best friend walked up to the front desk and the man asked what I wanted. "Is it possible to have a septum done?" "yeah sure, wait there, fill this in, the piercer should be up in a while, hes just dealing with another client". He handed me a form and I scanned over it, signed it, and gave it back.

Around 2 minutes later, a very hot guy ran up the stairs smiling, "who is it that wanted a septum?" I shyly said it was me and he asked me to follow him downstairs to the room. It looked really clean and had a massive fish tank behind the chair. He began setting up all the equipment he needed. "Why do you want a septum?" he asked me, "Why not?" I replied, he giggled and said "very true". Before he could get down to the needle and clamp job, he had to feel my nose and check if I would be able to get it done. He put on gloves and washed his hands and stuck his fingers up my nose and began feeling around. It was a bit awkward having a hot guy feel around in your nostrils, but it was over before I knew it. "Wow, you have the perfect sweet spot". I could get it done.

He told me to sit up the straightest I possibly could and clamped my septum. He had to do this a couple of times in order to get it as straight as possible. Finally he clamped it in the right spot, and asked if I was ready. He lined the needle up to the clamps and told me to take a deep breath in and then to exhale slowly. "Ouch you little bugger" I said. I felt a slight pinch and then a tugging sensation as he pushed the bar through, but it was nothing unbearable, in fact i'd say my normal nostril piercing hurt a lot more but the pain varies from different people, it depends on your pain tolerance.

A month on and my septum's doing great, its completely invisible when flipped up and its completely straight. I must admit I didn't clean it as often as I should of but it hasn't got infected or anything but I do suggest you clean it religiously. I'd recommend this piercing for anyone thinking of getting it done, I love it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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