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Shaking, bleeding and crying in the bathroom stall.

One day, I was on the phone with a close friend. She had been talking about piercing her smiley and her web, and also piercing her lip again. Of course, being irrational as she is, she took it upon herself to pierce her bottom lip, and to pierce her smiley.

I had been researching piercings for quite a while, but never quite made up my mind about what I wanted.

You see, living with strict European parents can be quite a challenge if you want to get multiple facial piercings. They would never let me do even my nose, at least not until I was out of the house. I needed a piercing that I could hide from my parents, but was also something I could show off to the world. Thus came the idea of getting my septum pierced.

I realized I wanted my septum pierced on Sunday.. By Monday I had paid my friend from grade 12 to do it, and Wednesday I was sitting in the bathroom anxiously waiting for my turn to get pierced.

In grade 9 I decided I wanted my belly button pierced, and I turned to Nicky to do it for me for a low price, while still using proper sterilized needles. I had it in for about two months, and then decided I would get caught, so I took it out. It was healing wonderfully, no infections, and no troubles.

I knew that Nicky would do a great job with my first facial piercing.

I was going to get it done with my friend who also wanted the septum, just so I wouldn't feel alone.

Wednesday morning, before lunch I started freaking out. I got really nauseous, and had a horrible headache just because I was so scared of the initial pain. It didn't stop until a couple of hours after I got it pierced. I took an Advil to calm down, but even that didn't work. I was too nauseous to eat, although Nicky told me to so I just sat there in careers, anxiously waiting for the bell to ring.

Finally it rang and I met up with all my friends in the hall who were going to witness my septum getting pierced. My friend went first. There were too many people so Nicky got my friend to sit in a stall, to get some privacy. 2 minutes later, my friend comes out smiling and tells me that it didn't hurt at all.

Then came my turn.

Nicky calls me in the stall and I nervously sit down on the toilet, waiting for her to get her stuff ready. She asked me to lean my head back, so she could feel around my nose, to find the "sweet spot." Eventually she found it, and asked me if I was ready. I replied with a nervous "uh huh" and she told me to breathe in. I felt a sharp pain, then she told me to breathe out, and as I breathed out I freaked out and moved my head back.

Don't ask me why I did that, because I don't have an answer for it. Needless to say the piercing turned out crooked.

My eyes were watering, and I was shaking from the nervousness, and she told me she would have to repierce it since I moved. She took the needle out, and blood started overflowing, dripping down my lips and chin. At that point I looked like I just got beaten up by someone, because my teeth were chattering, and I was shaking soooo much.

She took some toilet paper and cleaned me up, then started feeling for my sweet spot again. At that point I was crying, and I felt like I was going to puke so she let me rest for a couple of minutes. I asked for my friend to come in to hold my hand, and she quickly agreed.

My friend came in and started holding my hand, and Nicky asked me once again if I was ready. I told her no, and she gave me some time to relax. The second time around, it didn't hurt that bad because I didn't flinch. Putting the piercing in and taking out the needle, did not hurt at all.

After I got it pierced, I thanked her and walked out with a black thing hanging from my nose. I wasn't sure how I felt, other than nauseous and in pain.

Me and my friends sat down in the hall, while I was just curled up in a ball, with tears still in my eyes.

I went to the washroom again to clean up all the dried blood and it didn't hurt as bad.

During third period I went to the washroom and attempted to flip it up, to see if it was even possible. After a couple of minutes it finally disappeared into my nose, and it was not visible at all. I was so happy (:

I pulled it back out, and when I almost got home, I popped it back into my nose. My parents have still not gotten home yet, but unless they stare deep into my nose, they will not notice. It's black and well hidden. As soon as I walked through the door, I boiled some water, and put salt in it and mixed it up in a cup. I waited till the temperature was alright enough so I can stick my finger in it without feeling a burn. I put a cue tip in the water, and started cleaning around inside my nose, getting all the left over blood.

After I was done, I dipped my nose into the cup for about a minute and let it sit there.

When I pulled my nose out of the water, it actually felt amazing. There was no more pain and the piercing felt so clean. I can decently say that the piercing part of this process was the worst, but only because I made it that way.

If I would've calmed down, and stopped thinking the worst, I wouldn't have gone through unnecessary pain, and felt dizzy after because of considerate amount of blood loss. Nicky did a great job, and the piercing going crooked was not her fault.

I trusted her because she's pierced MANY of my friends and none of them have gotten infections. She's very clean with the equipment, and threw out the needle after she used it. She was pretty nice about me being a spazz also.

I learned that the more you freak out and expect the worse, the higher the chance of the worst happening. If I calmed down, I would've walked out like my friend, smiling and not in great amounts of pain. Instead I walked out like a mental patient.

Right now, I have a retainer in, and I think it looks amazing.

I decently don't regret doing it, and I can't wait till I can stretch my hole to a 12g, because right now I have a 16g.

Honestly, if you plan on doing it... Don't wait and psych yourself out like I did. You'll just shit your pants for no reason.

(: JUST DO IT and get it over with.

If you want any advice or anything, feel free to send a message to this account, it's not a problem. (:



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on: 08 Dec. 2009
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