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Piercing my Nostril myself

Hi, I'm 15 years old and I've always been really interested in body piercing. I had three ear lobe piercings done professionally, and I had my ear cartilage piercing done about 4 months ago professionally. My parents thought the cartilage piercing was the last piercing I would ever get. That wasn't exactly my intention as far as they knew.

The next piercing I was hoping to get was my nostril. I always thought of it to be cute, and beautiful, not trashy like my parents think. I knew that if I asked my parents to take me to get it done they wouldn't. I asked all my friends if it would look cute on me and they were all for it. So, I researched online good ways of doing it, I ended up doing it my way.

I had found a sewing needle and a large safety pin that I took, i thought they might come in handy. You're supposed to use hollow piercing needles, but I didn't bother, I also didn't bother buying actual nose studs, stupid mistakes. I went into my bathroom and sterilized the sewing needle and the safety pin with a lighter. Then i took the sewing needle and popped the first layer of skin. That hurt enough, getting the needle through the cartilage was much worse. I got it about halfway through my cartilage when i switched to the much larger safety pin. I stuck that through and pushed it all the way through my cartilage stopping for a break before I pushed through the last layer of skin. My face was sweating bullets and I had tears in my eyes. The pain was so awful but I had already come too far to quit now. The last layer was the hardest to push through and the most painful.

I took out the pin and tried to push an earring through the hole but the last layer had already closed! So, I pushed the pin through one more time and left it in so it wouldn't close as fast when i went to put the earring in again. It felt okay once the earring was through, so I went to sleep and when i woke up the piercing had swelled so much that the post of the earring didn't go all the way through anymore. I was then forced to buy real nose studs, and pierce my nose once again. By this time I could pierce my nose like a pro, and the more times I did it, the less it hurt each time. It was as if I became immune to the pain.

To take care of it for the first few weeks I took a Q tip and used water and anti bacterial soap to clean my piercing. I didn't use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide because the chemicals in both kill healing tissue. Anti bacterial soap cleans just as well but doesn't kill healing tissue. Also, I took supplements of Zinc and Vitamin C to help heal my piercing.

I highly suggest you just get piercings done professionally, although I know a lot of you like me have parents who won't let you get it done, and will do it yourself anyway. I have had my nostril piercing for about 3 months now, and it has not gotten infected, and is healing up very well. Some people are not as lucky as me. So make sure when you're piercing anything you sterilize your equipment well and clean your piercing multiple times a day for a few weeks.

Also, it is not suggested to change the jewelry for 6 weeks, however if you do it quickly enough you can change it at any time. I didn't wait at all to change my jewelry. Also, you can't keep your nose stud out for long periods of time until approximately 6 months.

Another thing is choosing the right jewelry for your nostril piercing. Everybody's body responds differently to piercings. Your new piercing may swell a little, a lot, or none at all. Mine swelled a lot. As a precaution, you should start off with a hook, which is a nose stud that the back can bend to fit your nose. If your nose doesn't swell at all a screw is a great stud that wont come out at unnecessary times. I never suggest a bone because it is painful, and causes your piercing to expand, and thats not a good thing. So, the hook is the nose stud i suggest highly.

If you ever seem to have an infection, or your nostril bleeds, or starts randomly hurting I suggest you go see a doctor, and if it's bad enough you should take it out and maybe redo it some other time. I got a few pimples right next to and on top of my piercing, they eventually went away, but while they were there they were so painful. This most likely happened because I didn't clean my nose well enough. It's also very important to keep the inside as well as the outside clean.

I hope this experience of mine helped you!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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