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Stretching my septum.

I pierced my septum a few years ago, but never gave much thought to stretching it. Actually, up until about a year ago, I had never known stretching one's septum was even possible. That is, until I met a man in line at the grocery store (a very sexy man I might add), who had his septum stretched to about a 0g. I asked him what size his septum was and he responded with, "Big enough to stick a Starbucks straw through." I was amazed. I had never seen anybody with a septum that big. I found this very attractive and so I asked him how he went about this. He told me he used a taper, but advised me against doing the same method. I asked him what he meant by 'taper'. He told me it was the same type you used to stretch ears, the visual I was more familiar with. When I asked him why he advised against it, he told me that it was very uncomfortable and that a better solution was to gradually tape. I thanked the man for his time and off I went to do some research. After reading over a few pages online, I realized a lot of people shared his perspective on the no-taper solution. But being the stubborn and impatient person that I am, I decided to go ahead with a taper anyway (I should've listened to his advice).

Being that I didn't want my first septum stretching to be done alone, I called my over enthusiastic best friend to come and help. He showed up soon after and brought along a camera to document this experimentation. My septum at the time was at a mere 16g and for some reason, I wanted to be a badass and go to an 8g (not the greatest idea). So, I took out the horseshoe I had in my nose and disinfected the taper. I cleaned my septum really well and lubed it up with some Vitamin E oil. I slid the taper in and tried forcing it out the other side. It was a no go. I tried and tried and tried. And nothing. My first attempt failed. I only got about a third of the way there when I decided to give up. It was hurting really bad and my septum was starting to swell. By this time, most people would take the pain and swelling as a bad sign, a sign to maybe start with a smaller size, but no, not me of course. Instead of dropping the taper like I should've, I instead summoned the aid of my bes t friend. I lubed up my nose once more. He made a sexual joke about lubing myself up before he was about to penetrate me. I do recommend having somebody humorous around at a time like this. With one quick force, he slid the taper all the way through. My eyes started to water. I felt like all my nose hairs had just been ripped out. I breathed out and he asked me if I was alright. I shook my head yes and took a look in the mirror. The struggle was worth it. I was completely in love.

My septum was really sore for a few days after. Actually, more like 2-3 weeks after. It was really tender and any little touch to it really hurt pretty bad. When it was finally healed, I decided I wanted to stretch once more. I wanted my septum to be as attractive as sexy grocery store man. My best friend asked if I needed his assistance again. I immediately said no, that I didn't feel like going through that again. So, this time I decided to go the taping route (layering tape over a tunnel to gradually stretch). I found this way to be the best and least comfortable. I did my research and actually stuck to it this time. I did one layer of extremely thin plumber's tape every week or so. I had a few mishaps along the way to healing: getting hit in the face with an arcade basketball, getting headbutted by my puppy, taking an arm to the septum at a concert. Each of these experiences made my septum swell and hurt like hell. I was getting discouraged for a while, but once I gave my nose the time to heal, I was pretty content with the outcome. I also learned along the way that jewelry plays a key role in the amount of discomfort. Through my experiences I have found steel tunnels to be the most uncomfortable, but I find them necessary when going to taping route. Once my septum is healed though, I I like to put in earskins (very thin, silicon eyelets). They are extremely comfortable and make even getting hit in the nose a little more tolerable.

I have since been stretching and am now working my way to a 0g, almost at my peak sexiness.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Location: California

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